Here is the first rating of the biggest importers of goods for agricultural business. The majority of the companies in the rating are importing to Ukraine plant protection products (PPPs), seeds and agricultural machinery. Our country with its quickly developing plants production sector must have become a real gold mine for them. As we got to know the situation is not so perfect. Last year appeared to be not so easy for the importers. The revenues of nearly all companies in our rating fell down compared with 2014. The main reason for the losses was the national currency exchange rate volatility. The products were bought at the exchange rate UAH30 per $1, but sold at the domestic market at UAH24 per $1. According to the State Statistics Committee data, the positive foreign trade balance reached $249.5 million in January-November 2015 compared to $94.4 million for the same period in 2014 (before that the amount of import was bigger than export for some years), whereas import decreased by 31%, to $34 billion.


The farmers’ turnovers have also fallen significantly. At the world markets Ukrainian products became cheaper, the foreign currency loans burden rose, the fiscal pressure by the government also increased. It’s natural that the manufacturers have cut the expenses. This situation has particularly influenced the machinery importers’ income. They compensate their losses providing the service.

The importers of PPPs suffered less. They even increased the sales by $40 million. It is caused by the fact that it is impossible to work actively in farming without PPPs. Moreover there is no decent Ukrainian alternative to imported products. «Ukraine doesn’t have any Plant Protection Products factories, – the «ADAMA Ukraine» SEO Oleg Dobrovolskiy admits. – Nowadays there is basically no such industry in Ukraine». Ukraine has to import fertilisers as well. The biggest manufacturer of fertilisers «Ostchem» group, owned by Dmitriy Firtash reduced the production significantly. The company lost «Stirol» plant in Gorlovka. «Severodonetsk Group Azot» is located not far from the hostilities territory and it doesn’t work at full capacity.

There are not only the representatives of international giants like Syngenta, BASF, Bayer and their distributors in our rating, there are also companies, that don’t only sell but also have production in Ukraine. For instance, «Alfa Chemgroup» doesn’t only import seeds, micro fertilisers and commodities for their production but also has built a plant not far from Kiev. It has the capacity of 10 000 tons per year and produces the company’s unique fertilisers and PPPs. International corporations have also taken roots in Ukraine. The leaders of our rating, the biggest manufacturers of seeds and PPPs in the world, such companies as Syngenta, BASF, Bayer, DuPoint Pioneer and Monsanto have their own plants in our country. Nowadays they have to compete for the market share. Due to the national currency devaluation, the price for their products rise so many farmers opt for domestic seeds and fertilisers. Nevertheless the importers are very optimistic. «We do not expect any significant reduction at the Ukrainian market next year, – says Aleksandr Berkovskiy, the head of «Syngenta» company in CIS countries. – The availability of farms’ liquidity will be the key factor».

№1 Company: «Syngenta»
№2 Ostchem Holding
№3 «Agrocenter EvroChem Ukraine»
№5 «Eridon»
№6 «Bayer Ukraine»

№7 «Agroimport»

№8 «DuPont Ukraine»

№9 DuPont Pioneer

№10 «Technotorg» Companies Group

№11 «Monsanto»

№12 «ADAMA Ukraine»

№13 «August-Ukraine»

№14 «Agrotek»

№15 Group of companies «Poletehnika»

№16 «Sumyhimprom»

№17 «RDO Ukraine»

№18 «Agrotehsoyuz»

№19 «Phosagro-Ukraine»

№20 UkrLandFarming

№21 «Landtech»

№22 «Titan Machinery Ukraine»

№23 «Agroresurs»

№24 «Stefes»

№25 Green Express

№26 «Alfa Chemgroup»

№27 «AMACO Ukraine»

№28 «Limagrain Ukraine»

№29 «Ukragrocom»

№30 «Mironovsky Hleboproduct»

№31 «Agroscop»

№32 «Nufarm Ukraine»

№33 «Schelkovo Agrohim Ukraine»

№34 «Kernel»

№35 «Agrosfera»

№36 «NovoFarm»

№37 «Arysta LifeScience Ukraine»

№38 «TerraVita Ukraine»

№39 «Ukravtozapchast»

№40 Trade House «Nasinnya»

№41 «Albion»

№42 «Zeppelin Ukraine»

№43 Agro building alliance «ASTRA»

№44 «Maschio Gaspardo Ukraine»

№45 «Euralis Semences Ukraine»

№46 «Agropromimpeks Ukraine»

№47 «KWS Ukraine»

№48 «Strube Ukraine»

№49 Trade House «Agroaliance»

№50 «Amateks-Ukraine»

№51 «Svarog West Group»

№52 «Miniagrotehnika»

№53 «Agroros»

№54 «Autoland»

№55 «Saatbau Ukraine»

№56 «Agromashtrade»

№57 «Pottinger Ukraine»

№58 Väderstad

№59 «Summit-Agro Ukraine»

№60 «Spectr Agro»

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