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Олег Зимин     26 квітня 2016 00:37

The Biggest Importers Rating

Here is the first rating of the biggest importers of goods for agricultural business. The majority of the companies in the rating are importing to Ukraine plant protection products (PPPs), seeds and agricultural machinery. Our country with its quickly developing plants production sector must have become a real gold mine for them. As we got to know the situation is not so perfect. Last year appeared to be not so easy for the importers.

The revenues of nearly all companies in our rating fell down compared with 2014. The main reason for the losses was the national currency exchange rate volatility. The products were bought at the exchange rate UAH30 per $1, but sold at the domestic market at UAH24 per $1. According to the State Statistics Committee data, the positive foreign trade balance reached $249.5 million in January-November 2015 compared to $94.4 million for the same period in 2014 (before that the amount of import was bigger than export for some years), whereas import decreased by 31%, to $34 billion.

The farmers’ turnovers have also fallen significantly. At the world markets Ukrainian products became cheaper, the foreign currency loans burden rose, the fiscal pressure by the government also increased. It’s natural that the manufacturers have cut the expenses. This situation has particularly influenced the machinery importers’ income. They compensate their losses providing the service.

The importers of PPPs suffered less. They even increased the sales by $40 million. It is caused by the fact that it is impossible to work actively in farming without PPPs. Moreover there is no decent Ukrainian alternative to imported products. «Ukraine doesn’t have any Plant Protection Products factories, – the «ADAMA Ukraine» SEO Oleg Dobrovolskiy admits. – Nowadays there is basically no such industry in Ukraine». Ukraine has to import fertilisers as well. The biggest manufacturer of fertilisers «Ostchem» group, owned by Dmitriy Firtash reduced the production significantly. The company lost «Stirol» plant in Gorlovka. «Severodonetsk Group Azot» is located not far from the hostilities territory and it doesn’t work at full capacity.

There are not only the representatives of international giants like Syngenta, BASF, Bayer and their distributors in our rating, there are also companies, that don’t only sell but also have production in Ukraine. For instance, «Alfa Chemgroup» doesn’t only import seeds, micro fertilisers and commodities for their production but also has built a plant not far from Kiev. It has the capacity of 10 000 tons per year and produces the company’s unique fertilisers and PPPs.

International corporations have also taken roots in Ukraine. The leaders of our rating, the biggest manufacturers of seeds and PPPs in the world, such companies as Syngenta, BASF, Bayer, DuPoint Pioneer and Monsanto have their own plants in our country. Nowadays they have to compete for the market share. Due to the national currency devaluation, the price for their products rise so many farmers opt for domestic seeds and fertilisers. Nevertheless the importers are very optimistic. «We do not expect any significant reduction at the Ukrainian market next year, – says Aleksandr Berkovskiy, the head of «Syngenta» company in CIS countries. – The availability of farms’ liquidity will be the key factor».

№1 Company: «Syngenta»

Owner: Syngenta AG

Import amount: $218.66 million

Specialisation: seeds, plant protection products

Ukrainian subsidiary of the Swiss seeds and plant protection products manufacturer Syngenta AG has been competing for the market share for two years. Due to Ukrainian national currency devaluation the prices for their products are rising. Many farmers stopped buying imported seeds and fertilisers. The company’s representatives do not admit that the amount of sales is falling. «Syngenta’s turnover in Ukraine was not reduced in 2014 compared with 2013, which was the year of the company’s most dynamic growth in the country, – admitted the head of the company «Syngenta» in the CIS countries Aleksandr Berkovskiy. – I believe that our turnover did not change in 2015 either. We also do not expect any significant fall at the market next year.

Obviously, the availability of farms’ liquidity will be the key factor». In 2013 the plant protection products market had the estimated value of $1.5 billion, while in 2014 it declined to $1 billion. In January-June period of 2015, «Syngenta» imported 11 000 tons of pesticides. The parent company Syngenta AG in its report for the first six month of 2015, informed about the sales amount decrease in the CIS countries, due to the prices increase. As indicated in the report the sales of plant protection products decreased by 9%, to $5.681 billion, the sales of seeds decreased by 16%, to $1.653 billion. The overall sales of the group, including products for lawn and garden, decreased in January-June 2015 by 10%, to $7.634 billion.

5 top facts about the company:

  1. Syngenta AG Company is one of the world’s giants in plant protection products and seeds production. Its market share in Ukraine is around 20%.
  2. «Syngenta» is an active partner of the agrarian promissory notes project implementation (IFC and The World Bank project). The company uses this financial instrument in Poltava, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy and Kharkov regions.
  3. To support the agrarian manufactures in Ukraine the company provides commodity credits. In 2015 the amount of such credits exceeded $200 million.
  4. In Ukraine «Syngenta» produces 14 hybrid corn seeds. They hybridise corn at their own seed plant. The company has 2430 pieces of land for hybridisation in Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava, Kharkov, Cherkassy and Ternopol regions.
  5. Swiss company Syngenta AG declined the acquisition offer from American holding Monsanto in 2015, but they are still considering possible selling of the company, merger with the competitor or acquisition. Syngenta is negotiating with ChemChina, Monsanto and some other companies.

№2 «Ostchem Holding»

Owner: Dmitriy Firtash

Import amount: $119.93 million

Specialisation: fertilisers

Ostchem Holding is a part of financial industrial company Group DF, owned by Dmitriy Firtash. Nowadays the company has tough time. In spring 2015, 500 million m3 of gas, that belonged to Ostchem enterprises, were arrested by the court, on the reason of holding’s debts to «Naftogas Ukrainy». As a result the company had to stop the plants «Rivneazot» and Cherkassy «Azot». Both enterprises had losses in 2014, UAH11.6 billion and UAH8 billion accordingly. Ostchem lost Gorlovka «Stirol». This plant is on the occupied territory. Company’s enterprise «Severodonetsk Association Azot» is located not far from the hostilities territory and it doesn’t work at full capacity. In 2014 the plant had UAH9.8 billion losses.

Last autumn, Firtash managed the conflict with «Naftogas Ukrainy», signed the peace agreement and made up debts repayment scheme, so the plants started to work. In December 2015, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced that Firtash had paid UAH3 billions of his debt. The owner of Ostchem still lives abroad. The main reason for that is a possibility of criminal prosecution in Ukraine. In December 2015, Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov declared that the Internal Affairs Ministry suspects the group of enterprises Ostchem of being responsible for state funds embezzlement. In November the General Prosecutor’s Office started the criminal prosecution based on the fact of Severodonetsk «Azot» illegal privatisation in 2004. The General Prosecutor’s Office suspects the under-priced privatisation.

5 top facts about the company:

  1. Ostchem is one of the world leaders of nitrogen fertilisers. Its world market share is around 3%.
  2. Ostchem Group’s products are exported to more than 100 countries.
  3. Besides five plants and distribution company «UkrAgro NPK», the group includes specialized seaport Nika-Tera. It provides transfer, storage, preparation and shipment of the loads. Its capacity is 15 million tons per year.
  4. Since 2014 the overall capacity of the seaport Nika-Tera’s grain storehouse has increased in more than five times, up to 210 000 tons. In nine month of 2015 the terminal set a new record, it managed to process 2.896 tons of loads.
  5. Two enterprises that belong to Dmitriy Firtash, Severodonetsk «Azot» and Gorlovka «Stirol» owe «Naftogas Ukrainy», but they are allowed to repay the debt after ATO is over.

№3 «Agrocenter EvroChem Ukraine»

Owner: Andrey Melnichenko

Import amount: $104.45 million

Specialisation: fertilisers

Last two years Ukrainian subsidiary of Russian company owned by a billionaire Andrey Melnichenko struggled with high duties for ammonium nitrate import. They were introduced for the company under the influence of the owner of Ostchem Holding Group, Dmytriy Firtash. Firtash uses these technics against the competitor not for the first time. In 2008 the anti-dumping duties for «EvroChem» were 10.78%. Then Russian company managed to challenge the duties in courts. But in summer 2015, Firtash and his group intensified their struggle against foreign competitors. The duties for «EvroChem» rose to 36.03%.

As a result the price for Russian fertilisers increased comparing to the price for the Ostchem’s products. It made ammonium nitrate import to Ukraine not profitable. Despite the situation Melnichenko did not leave the Ukrainian market. Moreover, in autumn 2015, the company launched a local affiliate «Agrocenter EvroChem Ukraine» in Kremenets, Ternopol region. It will produce mixed mineral fertilisers for different crops. It will strengthen the Russian company’s position at Ukrainian market. The company already has two workshops in Ukraine, producing dry fertiliser blends with the capacity of 100 000 tons per year. They also have offices in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Ternopol and Kirovograd regions.

5 top facts about the company:

  1. «EvroChem» Holding was founded in 2001. Its enterprises produce nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers. The main shareholder is Eurochem Group, which belongs to Russians: Andrey Melnichenko and Dmitriy Strezhnev.
  2. «EvroChem» produces 2% of the world’s amount of mineral fertilisers and 4% of the amount of fertilisers sold in Europe.
  3. In nine month of 2015, due to the fertilisers and iron ore prices fall, the company’s revenue decreased by 11%, to $3.5 billion. At the same time, owing to low production cost, company’s EBITDA grew by 12%, up to $1.2 billion.
  4. In October «EvroChem» bought American fertilisers selling company Ben-Trei Fertilizer. It will help to increase the holding’s American market share.
  5. «EvroChem» entered Ukrainian market in 2007, after they had bought the Ukrainian subsidiary of American corporation «Mosaic» – «Mosaic Ukraine». The investments in Ukrainian enterprise were $10 million.

№4 «BASF»

Owner: BASF SE

Import amount: $92.07 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

German chemical concern BASF estimates its Ukrainian plant protection products market share to be 20%. «In 2014 the PPPs market in Ukraine amounted $600 million, – says Tiberiu Dima, the head of BASF Agribusiness Department in Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus countries. – I think it will add 5% in 2015». Dima is sure that the German concern’s share will continue to grow. Ukrainian subsidiary of the conglomerate works in some directions. In November 2015 together with IFC they launched the educational programme for farmers. They teach agrarians how to run the business and make it more effective and profitable. The project will continue to November 2016. BASF also focuses on innovation technology development.

For instance, in recent years the farmers are very much interested in growing soy. At the same time the agrarians are looking for effective ways of cost reduction. «BASF Company offers inoculators to soy manufactures. It’s a biological product, which not only increases the soy yield but also allows using 20-30% less nitrogen fertilisers for further crops growing», – commented Yekaterina Demidas, the Head of Product-Management Department, BASF Crop Protection in Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus countries.

5 top facts about the company:

  1. BASF produces chemical products 150 years. The concern manufactures chemicals, plastics, plant protection products; it also sells oil and natural gas.
  2. BASF amount of sales exceeded €74 billion in 2014. The turnover of BASF Plant Protection Department in the world amounted €5.4 billion. 113 000 people work for the company.
  3. German concern considers Ukraine to be one of strategic markets for business development. Its market share in our country is constantly growing.
  4. The company is a partner of the agrarians funding, through promissory notes project implementation, since 2014 (IFC project).
  5. The BASF company shares are listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (AN).

№5 «Eridon»

Owner: Sergey Krolevets

Import amount: $67.20 million

Specialisation: seeds, agricultural machinery, plant protection products, fertilisers

While most plant protection products manufactures are striving to cut down the expenses and reduce the amount of investments, «Eridon» company is entering new markets. In 2015 they invested UAH160 million in building a new livestock farm. It is located in Pochuyky village Zhitomir region and has the capacity of 500 head of cattle. It also includes machine and tractor park and mixed feeds plant. The company plans to extend the facilities. It will allow increasing the livestock up to 1000. German and Swedish investors help to fund the project. The company representatives are sure that the farm will pay off in ten years. The production complex is robotised: the optimal microclimate for the cattle is maintained automatically, the milking of cows is carried out by eight robotised facilities.

Nowadays «Eridon» controls around 16% of Ukrainian plant protection products and mineral fertilisers market. The company has its own seeds plant in Zhitomir region with the capacity of 240 tons of grain per day. The enterprise cleans, calibrates, treats and packs the seeds of wheat, barley, peas, soy, rapeseed, corn and sunflower.

5 top facts about the company:

  1. By the end of 2016 «Eridon» intends to launch a new seeds plant.
  2. The company is one of the biggest distributors of seeds, plant protection products and mineral fertilisers in Ukraine. «Eridon» has offices in all regions of Ukraine. The overall space of 22 storages is 61 000 m2.
  3. «Eridon» cooperates with more than 6000 farms. It also has its own farms in Zhitomir, Kirovograd and Kiev regions.
  4. In 2014 the company launched a new business direction: «Eridon-Bud». They engineer, build and reconstruct agricultural enterprises, repair and provide service.
  5. The seeds plant in Zhitomir region has the capability of 240 tons of grain per day. It allows not only to process the seeds of their own production but also to provide seeds processing service to other companies. The seeds are delivered to Ukrainian agricultural manufacturers and exported to the CIS countries.

№6 «Bayer Ukraine»

Owner: Bayer Global Investment

Import amount: $66.72 million

Specialisation: seeds, plant protection products

German chemical-pharmaceutical concern Bayer AG has worked in Ukraine since 1992. The agricultural division Bayer CropScience delivers to our country plant protection products (around 68 types) and seeds of winter and spring rapeseed. Five years ago the company started to produce wheat seeds in Ukraine. In 2013 they bought agro firm «Desnagrain» in Mironovkiy rayon, Kiev region. In August 2015 Bayer began selling the first variety of winter wheat «Areal Yubileyniy». Soon the concern will offer the agrarians some more new varieties of this crop.

In 2015 Bayer prolonged cooperative bill program with IFC and Raiffeisen Bank Aval. It allows farmers to get funding at low interest and up to nine month for purchasing plant protection products. Despite the loss of Crimea and Donbas regions, last year the company increased the amount of PPPs import to our country. In Ukraine the German company has 22 distributors of plant protection products. Bayer has established a retail channel to sell plant protection products through a network of partners of the ‘Zeleny Svit’ chain of trade and consulting centers.

№7 «Agroimport»

Owner: Viktor Dubovenko

Import amount: $56.83 million

Specialisation: fertilisers

№8 «DuPont Ukraine»

Owner: DuPont Holding Netherlands B.V.

Import amount: $53.58 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№9 DuPont Pioneer

Owner: Pioneer Overseas Corp

Import amount: $49.30 million

Specialisation: seeds

DuPont Pioneer is one of the largest seeds producers in the world and in Ukraine. The American company opened its office in Kiev in 1998 and started to work at new corn and sunflower hybrids. In 2001 the company «Pioneer Seeds Ukraine» was registered and in 2013 a seeds production plant was launched in Stasy village, Poltava region. The investments for the project amounted $50 million.

The plant’s capacity is around 500 000 tons of corn and sunflower hybrid seeds per year. The company also produces the rapeseeds. It offers Ukrainian farmers a free insurance program, in case the crop fails to survive the winter. DuPont Pioneer has 27 distributors in Ukraine. Last year DuPont imported to our country 40% less seeds than in 2014. At the same time the production of seeds by Pioneer in Ukraine doubled last year.

№10 «Technotorg» Companies Group

Owners: Igor Kalyuzhniy, Yevgeniy Beresovskiy

Import amount: $40.62 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery


№11 «Monsanto»

Owner: Monsanto Company

Import amount: $34.93 million

Specialisation: plant protection products, seeds

Transnational Corporation Monsanto is a world leader in plant biotechnologies. It was the first foreign company, which signed the contract for plant protection products supply to Ukraine. The American company opened its office in Kiev in 1992. Monsanto imports to Ukraine corn and rapeseed of the traditional selection brand «Dekalb». They also import vegetable seeds and plant protection products. In 2015 «Dekalb» brand managed to retain the share at the corn seeds market and increased the share at winter rapeseed market.

Last year Monsanto introduced some new products: inoculant «Tork ST» for corn treatment and a dry form of the most used in the world herbicide «Roundup». The company intended to build the plant to produce the traditional selection corn seeds. They were ready to invest $140 million in plant building in Vinnitsa region. But the locals protested against the construction. Last year Monsanto announced their intention to invest $250 million to the seeds plant in Zhitomir region. The launch of the production will help Monsanto to increase their seeds market share in Ukraine by 10%.

№12 «ADAMA Ukraine»

Owner: ADAMA Agricultural Solutions

Import amount: $34.34 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

Israeli company ADAMA Agricultural Solutions (before Makhteshim Agan Industries) has worked in Ukraine since 2008. In September 2014, the enterprise in Ukraine changed its name to «ADAMA Ukraine», within the global change of the corporation brand to ADAMA. Nowadays the corporation imports to Ukraine more than 50 types of plant protection products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, treatment products). Its local market share is 9%. The company plans to increase its share up to 11% in 2016.

The turnover of ADAMA Ukrainian division increased in 120 times for the last five years. Nowadays «ADAMA Ukraine» works with 10 000 farms and has 36 distribution companies. In 2015 the company involved around $40 million to commodity funding for their partners. According to ADAMA data, they were number four in the top list at the Ukrainian plant protection products market in 2015.

№13 «August-Ukraine»

Owner: Aleksandr Uskov

Import amount: $21.59 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

«August» is one of the biggest Russian companies that produces and sells plant protection products. It entered Ukrainian market in 2003. Its Ukrainian subsidiary «August-Ukraine» supplies pesticides, which are used to treat sugar beet, soy, potatoes, rapeseed, and grain crops. The company manufactures its products at two enterprises: Vurnary mixed products plant in Russia and «August-Bel» plant in Belarus. In Ukraine the company works with 18 distributors.

They offer more than 50 types of products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, treatment products, adjuvants, desiccants). After the imposition of sanctions by Ukraine against Russian products, including PPPs, the company will most likely supply our country with pesticides from their plant in Belarus.

№14 «Agrotek»

Owner: Agrotek International

Import amount: $19.64 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

«Agrotek» has already worked at Ukrainian agricultural machinery market for 15 years. The company is an official dealer of John Deere products in Ukraine. In 2014 the company sold 40% of John Deere machinery and 53% of all original spare parts supplied to Ukraine. «Agrotek» is in the world’s top 5 John Deere dealers list by the amount of after sales service. The dealer centres can be found in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhe, Kiev, Kherson, Kharkov and Poltava regions.

The company has service centres in all regions of Ukraine. «Agrotek» also sells Rabe machinery, harvesters Geringhoff, agricultural and industrial tires Firestone, Michelin, Kormoran. They sell and provide service for irrigation systems OTECH. In three last years, the company became number one dealer of French tires manufacturer Michelin in Ukraine.

№15 Group of companies «Poletehnika»

Owner: Aleksandr Krivtsov

Import amount: $19.11 million

Specialisation: seeds, plant protection products

№16 «Sumyhimprom»

Owner: Ukraine

Import amount: $16.71 million

Specialisation: fertilisers

State enterprise «Sumyhimprom» is well known as one of the biggest manufacturers of phosphate fertilisers in Ukraine. This energy-chemical complex occupies 226 ha. There are 11 main and 20 supporting workshops at the enterprise. They specialise on production of titanium dioxide, sulphuric acid, yellow and red ferric oxide pigments, complex mineral fertilisers and coagulant for water purification. Company’s sales are 53% phosphate mineral fertilisers and 40% titanium dioxide. «Sumyhimprom» produces around 25 variants of chemical products.

In nine month of 2015, the company’s sales of mineral fertilisers reduced by 11.5%, to 192 000 tons, at the same time the demand for titanium dioxide increased by 5.5%, up to 34 000 tons. In 2012 The Commercial Court of Sumy region initiated the state concern’s bankruptcy process. In October 2012, the Court initiated the rescue procedure. «Sumyhimprom» is put up for sale by Cabinet of Ministers; the process of privatisation has to be finished this year.

№17 «RDO Ukraine»

Owner: RDO Equipment Co

Import amount: $16.11 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№18 «Agrotehsoyuz»

Owner: Ivan Dergalyuk

Import amount: $14.80 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

Company «Agrotehsoyuz» was founded almost 20 years ago. It provided service and supplied spare parts for German agricultural machinery Claas. Nowadays the company is an official dealer of world leading agricultural machinery manufactures: Claas, Lemken, Rauch, Horsch, Fliegl, Valley, Matermacc and Mazzotti. «Agrotehsoyuz» also sells GPS navigation systems and precision farming systems in Ukraine.

The company opened a chain of representative offices in five regions in Ukraine. In 2011 they signed the agreement with «Raiffeisen Leasing Aval» about cooperation in preferential agricultural machinery funding. As a result the farmers can buy imported agricultural machinery with low interest rate (from 4%). In 2014 Concern Claas joined this lease program.

№19 «Phosagro-Ukraine»

Owner: Andrey Guryev (Open Joint-Stock Company «Phosagro», the RF)

Import amount: $14.51 million

Specialisation: fertilisers

№20 UkrLandFarming

Owner: Oleg Bakhmatyuk

Import amount: $14.41 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery, fertilisers

№21 «Landtech»

Owner: Ferenz Wertes

Import amount: $13.42 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

Company «Landtech», owned by an Austrian Ferenz Wertes is an official dealer of the American corporation John Deere – the market leader in manufacturing agricultural machinery. «Landtech» opened three service centres in Kirovograd, Nikolayev and Pervomaysk, where it is possible to diagnose and repair any machinery. «Landtech» sells in Ukraine combine harvesters, mowers, farm sprayers, planting and tillage equipment, balers, tractors, drip watering systems produced by John Deer Corporation.

The company also sells Bauer irrigation systems. Last year the company opened their office in Kherson, which sells JCB, Dal-Bo, Alpego, Gregoire Besson equipment and Pioneer Company products. Recently «Landtech» has launched an on-line shop, where they offer toy models of well-known agricultural machinery.[/su_spoiler]

№22 «Titan Machinery Ukraine»

Owner: David Josef Meyer

Import amount: $12.98 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

«Titan Machinery Ukraine» is a Ukrainian subsidiary of the international American company Titan Machinery. It owns a chain of dealer centres in the USA (105 offices) and in Europe (15 offices). In Ukraine Titan Machinery is an official dealer of CNH equipment (Case and New Holland brands), including tractors, combine harvesters, harvesters, farm sprayers, planters. The company also imports to Ukraine precision farming systems. «Titan Machinery Ukraine» has two service centres in Kiev region and one in Vinnitsa.

The company’s main agricultural machinery exposition ground is in Kiev. The dealer services around 1000 pieces of agricultural machinery every year. Last December the company opened a new dealer office in Belaya Tserkov (Kiev region). Designing their centres they follow the “Three S Principle”: Sales, Spare parts, Service. It means that there is an exposition ground, spare parts storage and repair shop in one place.

№23 «Agroresurs»

Owners: Stanislav Martynov, Valeriy Dudarenko

Import amount: $12.88 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery, seeds

During first 10 years of its work, «Agroresurs» provided Ukrainian farmers with agricultural machinery produced in Ukraine. In 2006 the company became a distributor of large world manufactures: New Holland, Kline, Kuhn, Case and Flexi-Coil. «Agroresurs» has its own warranty service centre, where the company’s representatives not only service and repair the equipment but also teach their clients how to operate the machinery. The company’s service engineers are trained at the manufacturers’ plants in the USA, Belgium, France and Italy.

Two years ago «Agroresurs» launched a new business direction. They started to deliver seeds, plant protection products and micro fertilisers to Ukraine. Last year the company became the official dealer of «Man Truck and Bus Ukraine» (the subsidiary enterprise of one of the leading European trucks manufacturers MAN Truck and Bus AG) and «Wielton Ukraine», the Ukrainian representative of Polish trailer manufacturer Wielton.

№24 «Stefes»

Owner: Herbert Stefes

Import amount: $12.54 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

At the age of 65, German businessman Herbert Stefes retired and let his son run his business. His enterprise produced and sold pesticides for sugar beet farming. Herbert didn’t manage to enjoy his retirement as his inheritor decided to sell the business to a large corporation Agrevo. In order to prevent the deal, the businessman returned to his business. Ukraine drew his attention as one of the biggest manufactures of sugar beet in Europe.

«I was born in Ukraine one more time», – says Stefes. He will turn 88 this year. Despite his age, he is very energetic and takes active part in company development. Nowadays «Stefes» supplies Ukrainian market with plant protection products (mainly for sugar beet, wheat and corn farming). The company imports the products from Germany and China.

№25 Green Express

Owner: Nataliya Dychko

Import amount: $12.28 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

Green Express Company imports to Ukraine more than 40 types of plant protection products for grain and oil crops. This year the company has introduced four new products to Ukrainian market. Swiss company SGS controls the products’ quality at all production stages, from raw material purchase to the final product.

They test the products by 17 different biophysical indicators. Besides these tests, Green Express itself checks every production-lot according to the methods of thevCollaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council (CIPAC). The company has a wide chain of distributors in all regions of Ukraine. Some years ago they started to sell soy seeds of Canadian selection. The company grows the seeds on its fields in Zhitomir and Poltava regions.

№26 «Alfa Chemgroup»

Owner: Boris Todorov

Import amount: $12.22 million

Specialisation: plant protection products, seeds

«Alfa Chemgroup» Company imports to Ukraine seeds, micro fertilisers and raw materials for their production. They also import raw materials for plant protection products production. Last spring, in Belaya Tserkov (Kiev region), the company launched micro fertilisers and plant protection products enterprise, with the capacity of 10 000 tons per year. They invested UAH110 million in the plant. Since the launch of the first production line, the plant has already manufactured about 600 tons of goods.

«Alfa Chemgroup» also invests in its own logistics network development. 18 month ago they opened a warehouse in Kiev region for pesticides, agrochemicals and micro fertilisers storing, with the capacity of 1500 tons. Among the company’s clients there are not only big agro holdings but also small farms. «Alfa Chemgroup» designed a special form of packaging for these customers, from 0,4ml to 1liter.

№27 «AMACO Ukraine»

Owner: American Machinery Company

Import amount: $12.17 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery, seeds

AMACO is a part of International Corporation working in the USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The company supplies Ukraine with agricultural machinery, building equipment and commercial vehicles by leading world brands: Kuhn, New Holland, Joskin, Miller, Pioneer, Monsanto and IVECO. The company’s distribution chain has 14 representative offices all over Ukraine. Last year AMACO was restructured. Besides machinery and spare parts sales, the company started to provide service. Nowadays AMACO opens new repair shops.

In 2015 the company reduced the number of equipment models by 65%. «It helped to increase the after-sales service efficiency and train our service department specialists in a better way», – explains the company’s SEO Dmitriy Brodskiy.

№28 «Limagrain Ukraine»

Owner: Limagrain Europe

Import amount: $11.92 million

Specialisation: seeds

This Ukrainian company represents at the Ukrainian market the largest European seeds producer – Limagrain Group, with the annual turnover of €2 billion. This group works in 140 countries and has 41 representation offices in the world. «Limagrain Ukraine» imports to our country oil and grain crops seeds by their own brands LG and Nickerson. Some of the seeds are grown on the company’s fields in Ukraine.

They focus on corn and sunflower seeds. Five years ago «Limagrain Ukraine» created the selection centre to produce corn seeds in Ukraine. Last year about 70% of corn seeds sold by «Limagrain» in our country were grown in Ukraine. Before that the import and local production ratio was 50/50. The company has announced recently that they also plan to launch similar selection centre for sunflower seeds production.

№29 «Ukragrocom»

Owners: Sergey Kuzmenko, Yuriy Skichko

Import amount: $11.75 million

Specialisation: plant protection products, fertilisers

№30 «Mironovsky Hleboproduct»

Owner: Yuriy Kosyuk

Import amount: $9.62 million

Specialisation: seeds, agricultural machinery

«Mironovsky Hleboproduct» Company is known not only as the biggest poultry manufacturer in Ukraine but also as a large seeds and plant protection products importer. The company uses these products in their crop production business. «Mironovsky Hleboproduct» controls all the stages of poultry production: starting from grain and oil crops manufacturing, mixed feed production to poultry rearing, processing, marketing, distribution and sales.

The agro holding imports corn seeds (produced by Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer, Euralis, Limagrain and others), rapeseeds – Lembke, Pioneer, Euralis, soy – Prograin, «Novy Sad», sunflower seeds – Syngenta, Euralis, KBC, wheat – «Novy Sad», Strube, Saatbau and others. Moreover «Mironovsky Hleboproduct» supplies to Ukraine plant protection products by the largest producers: Bayer, DuPont, BASF, Syngenta, «August», DowAgroSciences. The company grows corn, sunflower, wheat and soy for the mixed feed production. They also grow rapeseed for export. «Mironovsky Hleboproduct» has two not very big seed plants where they can process all the crops but corn.

№31 «Agroscop»

Owner: Origin Enterprises

Import amount: $9.50 million

Specialisation: seeds, plant protection products

«Agroscop International» works in 13 regions of Ukraine. The company imports to our country seeds and plant protection products by leading world manufacturers (Bayer CropScience, BASF, DuPoint, Pioneer, Raps Gbr, Monsanto, Syngenta, Limagrain, Kiskun). The distributor opened some expo centres «Agroscop Agrocentre», where agronomists and farmers can visit workshops on new crops growing technics applying modern plant protection products.

Today such centres work in Kirovograd, Ternopol and Lvov regions. At the beginning of 2014, 60% of «Agroscop International» shares were bought by Irish agro company Origin Enterprises for $17.6 million. Besides Ireland, the company also works in Great Britain and Poland. Origin Enterprises’ shares are sold on the Irish and London Stock Exchanges.

№32 «Nufarm Ukraine»

Owner: Nufarm Limited

Import amount: $9.21 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№33 «Schelkovo Agrohim Ukraine»

Owner: «Schelkovo Agrohim» (the RF)

Import amount: $8.94 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№34 «Kernel»

Owner: Andrey Verevskiy

Import amount: $7.93 million

Specialisation: seeds

№35 «Agrosfera»

Owner: British Eco System Holding

Import amount: $7.71 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№36 «NovoFarm»

Owners: Agueri Holdings Ltd, Falmer Corporation Ltd, Holmes Enterprises Ltd, Redbridge Trading Corp., Stolcom Investments Ltd

Import amount: $7.41 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№37 «Arysta LifeScience Ukraine»

Owner: Arysta LifeScience

Import amount: $7.34 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

The parent company, Arysta LifeScience Corporation produces about 150 product lines, including herbicides, fungicides, plant growth regulators, insecticides, fumigants. The general number of the products the company produces is over 3800. The corporation imports the products to 125 countries. The company’s main industrial facilities are located in France. Arysta LifeScience is a global corporation, with headquarters in Japan.

Its sales amount in 2013 reached $1.5 billion. Arysta LifeScience was created in 2001, as a result of merger of two Japanese pesticides business giants: Nichimen Corporation and Tomen Corporation. In 2015 the corporation was purchased by Platform Speciality Products Corporation. The amount of the deal was $3.51 billion. Agrochemical business direction of Platform Corporation will work under the brand name Arysta LifeScience, its annual sales amount is estimated to be about $2.1 billion.

№38 «TerraVita Ukraine»

Owner: Milena Markarova

Import amount: $7.29 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№39 «Ukravtozapchast»

Owner: Oleg Zimin

Import amount: $7.26 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

«Ukravtozapchast» used to be a part of financial industrial group «Ukrprominvest», owned by Petr Poroshenko. Nowadays the company’s representatives claim that Ukrainian President is not related to the enterprise last seven years. At the same time, its main shareholder Oleg Zimin has been Petr Poroshenko’s business partner for a long time. The company offers their Ukrainian clients tractors, agricultural and specialised equipment, motor vehicles, spare parts, batteries, tires, wheels, oil, lubricants and maintenance supplies.

The importer has a variety of 42 000 items. «Ukravtozapchast» works with the largest manufactures from Russia, Belarus, Czech Republic, China and India. «Ukravtozapchast» has 45 offices all over the country and more than 120 000 corporate clients. The company has its own plant, which produces MTZ tractors under the Minsk Tractor Plant licence. «Ukravtozapchast» also manufactures tractors under its own trade mark «Kiy». The enterprise has 45 modifications of this agricultural machinery. The plant produces about 200 tractors a year.

№40 Trade House «Nasinnya»

Owners: Georgiy Tarasyuk, Nikolay Kravchenko, Yuriy Shapirenko

Import amount: $7.17 million

Specialisation: seeds

№41 «Albion»

Owner: «Albion Trade International»

Import amount: $7.12 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№42 «Zeppelin Ukraine»

Owner: Zeppelin International

Import amount: $6.79 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

«Zeppelin Ukraine» is an exclusive official dealer of Caterpillar Company. Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of building and mining equipment, gas-turbine and diesel engines, industrial gas-turbines. It is a part of German group Zeppelin. The group sells and provides service for building and agricultural machinery, rents and leases building equipment, manufactures engines. Zeppelin works in 20 countries. Its turnover amounted €2.3 billion in 2014.

At the same time the amount of building machinery sales in the CIS countries reduced by 24% in 2014. One of the reasons for the sales fall was the Ukraine – Russia conflict, grivna and rouble devaluation. In Ukraine the German company opened six offices, created a chain of service centres and spare parts stores. They also launched a training centre. In 2015 «Zeppelin Ukraine» added Rabe, Krampe and Capello brands to their agricultural machinery sales offer.

№43 Agro building alliance «ASTRA»

Owner: «Agrocorporation Holding»

Import amount: $6.71 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№44 «Maschio Gaspardo Ukraine»

Owner: Maschio Gaspardo SpA

Import amount: $6.63 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№45 «Euralis Semences Ukraine»

Owner: Euralis Semences

Import amount: $6.54 million

Specialisation: seeds

«Euralis Semences Ukraine» is a subsidiary company of French Euralis Semences, which is one of the leading seeds producers in Europe. In 2007 Euralis launched a seeds plant in Ukraine. Nowadays the company supplies farmers with selection seeds of corn, sunflower, rapeseed, broomcorn and soy hybrids. It also buys commodity grain from Ukrainian agrarians. «Ukrainian political crises did not influence our Cherkassy plant’s work results, – informed the company’s representatives. – The market of Eastern Europe is growing.

Last two years the amount of corn seeds sales increased by 20%, the sunflower seeds sales increased by 36%». The company also rents 3500 ha of fields in Cherkassy region. They grow sunflower and corn hybrids on 800 ha. The Ukrainian subsidiary produces the seeds not only for Euralis, but also for some other well-known companies, which then sell the seeds under their own trade-marks. «Euralis Semences Ukraine» also owns a dairy farm.[/su_spoiler]

№46 «Agropromimpeks Ukraine»

Owner: Irina Serebryakova

Import amount: $6.13 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№47 «KWS Ukraine»


Import amount: $6.07 million

Specialisation: seeds, agricultural machinery

№48 «Strube Ukraine»

Owner: Strube International

Import amount: $6.06 million

Specialisation: seeds

№49 Trade House «Agroaliance»

Owner: Business Consulting Agency Ltd

Import amount: $5.86 million

Specialisation: plant protection products, fertilisers

№50 «Amateks-Ukraine»

Owners: Denis Dubrovskiy, Vladislav Yakunin

Import amount: $5.54 million

Specialisation: fertilisers

№51 «Svarog West Group»

Owners: Aleksandr and Sergey Buryak

Import amount: $5.41 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№52 «Miniagrotehnika»

Owner: Vyacheslav Bondarenko

Import amount: $5.32 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

The company is focused on the import of agricultural mini-machinery by Korean and Chinese manufacturers: mini-tractors by Kioti, Branson, Dongfeng, Mahindra and Xingtai brands, mini-planters, plough devices, motor cultivators, additional equipment and spare parts. Their main clients are small and medium farms. «Miniagrotehnika» also provides service.

The company offers tractors with 12 to 40 horse powers. They sell one-, two-, three-, and four-cylinder agricultural machinery, with full- or back-wheel drive. The prices for mini-tractors start with UAH25 000 and the vehicles are usually paid off in six month. All the equipment that «Miniagrotehnika» imports to Ukraine is geographically and climatically customised for our country.

№53 «Agroros»

Owner: Petr Yevich

Import amount: $5.26 million

Specialisation: plant protection products, seeds, fertilisers

№54 «Autoland»

Owner: Stanislav Seredyuk

Import amount: $4.94 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№55 «Saatbau Ukraine»

Owner: Saatbau Linz

Import amount: $4.62 million

Specialisation: seeds

The subsidiary Ukrainian company of Austrian Saatbau Linz entered Ukrainian market only two years ago. The company deals with seeds growing and selection. It has 10 seed plants in Europe. Saatbau is a European leader in early soy production. It controls more than 70% of this market segment. The company also produces organic soy seeds. In Ukraine Saatbau produces corn, soy and winter wheat seeds.

«Svarog West Group» owned by Buryak brothers and «Rise-Maximka», which is a part of UkrLandFarming Corporation, owned by Oleg Bahmatyuk, both produce seeds for Saatbau. Breading and selecting new sorts and hybrids of crops, the company takes into consideration peculiarities and specifics of soils and climate. The representatives of the company agree that it is not easy to work in our country, because they had to increase the prices for the seeds due to the local currency devaluation. Nevertheless the Austrians do not step back; they even have already increased their Ukrainian market share.

№56 «Agromashtrade»

Owner: Sergey Minkov

Import amount: $4.46 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№57 «Pottinger Ukraine»

Owners: Klaus and Heinz Pottinger

Import amount: $4.46 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

№58 Väderstad

Owners: Andreas, Krister, Kristina and Bo Stark

Import amount: $4.94 million

Specialisation: agricultural machinery

Swedish manufacturers of agricultural machinery were attracted by the Ukrainian agrarian potential. Ukraine has more than 40 million ha of arable land. Nowadays this family business sells Ukrainian farmers combine harvesters, cultivating machinery and planters. Every year Väderstad invests 10% of its profit to the soil tillage researches. The main advantage of Väderstad equipment is that it can perform some operations in one pass.

Owing to this fact the time of sewing is shorter, the tractor works less, the carbon dioxide emissions are reduced and the soil is less compressed. This Swedish company has 12 subsidiary enterprises in the world. Lately they decided to enter the North American market and bought a Canadian company SeedHawk.

№59 «Summit-Agro Ukraine»

Owner: Sumi Agro Europe

Import amount: $4.23 million

Specialisation: plant protection products

№60 «Spectr Agro»

Owners: Vasyliy Skarlat, Vladimir Lobach, Mariya Lavrenyuk

Import amount: $3.96 million

Specialisation: seeds, agricultural machinery, fertilisers


Олег Зимин     19 квітня 2016 01:12

Крупнейшие импортеры сельскохозяйственной техники Украины

Объем импорта товаров для аграрного бизнеса сокращается. Эта тенденция наметилась еще в конце 2014 года. Особенно сократились продажи импортной агротехники. По данным Гостаможслужбы, в 2015‑м ее импорт составил $177 млн против $193 млн годом ранее. «Купить технику стоимостью более $100 000 сейчас мало кто решится», — отмечает владелец одной из агрокомпаний.и на рынке импорта агротехники в Украине

№1 «Эридон»

Владелец: Сергей Кролевец

Объем импорта: $67,20 млн

Специализация: семена, сельхозтехника, средства защиты растений, удобрения


В то время как многие производители средств защиты растений стремятся сократить издержки и урезать объемы инвестиций, компания «Эридон» начинает осваивать новые рынки. В 2015 году она инвестировала 160 млн гривен в строительство животноводческого комплекса на 500 голов крупного рогатого скота в селе Почуйки Житомирской области. В комплекс также входят машинно тракторный парк и завод по производству комбикорма. В планах компании строительство второй очереди, которая позволит увеличить стадо до 1000 голов. Проект помогают финансировать немецкие и шведские инвесторы. В компании уверены, что комплекс окупится в течение 10 лет. Комплекс полностью роботизированный: в помещениях автоматически поддерживается оптимальный для животных микроклимат, а доение осуществляется при помощи восьми роботизированных установок.

Сегодня «Эридон» контролирует около 16% украинского рынка СЗР и минеральных удобрений. У компании есть собственный семенной завод в Житомирской области мощностью переработки 240 т зерна в сутки. Предприятие занимается очисткой, калибровкой, протравливанием и фасовкой семян пшеницы, ячменя, гороха, сои, рапса, кукурузы, подсолнечника.

Топ-5 фактов о компании

1. «Эридон» намерен до конца 2016 года запустить новый семенной завод.
2. Компания — один из крупнейших в Украине дистрибьюторов семян, минудобрений и средств защиты растений. «Эридон» имеет представительства во всех регионах Украины. Общая площадь 22 складов составляет 61 000 кв. м.
3. «Эридон» сотрудничает более чем с 6000 хозяйств, а также имеет собственные хозяйства в Житомирской, Кировоградской и Киевской областях.
4. В 2014 году компания открыла новое направление: «Эридон-Буд» занимается инжинирингом, строительством и реконструкцией сельскохозяйственных производств, ремонтом и сервисным обслуживанием.
5. Семенной завод компании в Житомирской области за сутки перерабатывает до 240 т зерна. При этом пропускная способность позволяет не только перерабатывать семена собственного производства, но и оказывать услуги по обработке семенного материала другим компаниям. Семена поставляются украинским сельхозпроизводителям и экспортируются в страны СНГ.

№2 Группа компаний «Техноторг»

Владельцы: Игорь Калюжный, Евгений Березовский

Объем импорта: $40,62 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника


№3 «Агротек»

Владелец: Agrotek International

Объем импорта: $19,64 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

«Агротек» работает на украинском рынке сельскохозяйственной техники уже почти 15 лет. Компания является официальным дилером продукции John Deere в Украине. В 2014 году на ее долю пришлось 42% поставок техники John Deere и 53% оригинальных запасных частей. «Агротек» входит в топ‑5 дилеров John Deere в мире по объему послепродажного сервиса. Дилерские центры «Агротек» расположены в Днепропетровской, Запорожской, Киевской, Херсонской, Харьковской и Полтавской областях. Компания открыла сервисные центры во всех регионах Украины.

«Агротек» также продает технику Rabe, жатки Geringhoff, сельскохозяйственные и индустриальные шины Firestone, Michelin, Kormoran, занимается комплексными поставками и обслуживанием оросительных систем OTECH. За последние три года компания стала дилером №1 французского производителя шин Michelin в Украине.

№4 Группа компаний «Полетехника»

Владелец: Александр Кривцов

Объем импорта: $19,11 млн

Специализация: семена, средства защиты растений

№5 «RDO Украина»

Владелец: RDO Equipment Co

Объем импорта: $16,11 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№6 «Агротехсоюз»

Владелец: Иван Дергалюк

Объем импорта: $14,80 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

Компания «Агротехсоюз» была основана почти 20 лет назад как центр по сервисному обслуживанию и поставке запасных частей к сельскохозяйственной технике немецкой фирмы Claas. Сегодня компания является официальным дилером ведущих мировых производителей сельхозтехники, таких как Claas, Lemken, Horsch, Geringhoff. «Агротехсоюз» также продает в Украине системы GPS‑навигации и точного земледелия. Компания открыла сеть филиалов в пяти регионах Украины.

№7  UkrLandFarming

Владелец: Олег Бахматюк

Объем импорта: $14,41 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника, удобрения

№8 «Ландтех»

Владелец: Ференц Вертес

Объем импорта: $13,42 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

Компания «Ландтех» австрийца Ференца Вертеса выступает официальным дилером американской корпорации John Deere, мирового лидера по производству сельскохозяйственного оборудования. «Ландтех» открыл три сервисных центра: в Кировограде, Николаеве и Первомайске. В них можно продиагностировать и отремонтировать любую технику.

В Украине «Ландтех» продает комбайны, косилки, опрыскиватели, посевную и почвообрабатывающую технику, пресс‑подборщики, тракторы, капельные системы орошения производства корпорации John Deere, а также оросительное оборудование Bauer. В прошлом году компания открыла представительство в Херсоне по продаже техники JCB, Dal‑Bo, Alpego, Gregoire Besson и продукции компании Pioneer. Недавно «Ландтех» запустила интернет‑магазин, в котором предлагает игрушечные модели известных сельхозмашин.

№9 «Titan Machinery Украина»

Владелец: Дэвид Джозеф Мейер

Объем импорта: $12,98 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

«Titan Machinery Украина» — это дочернее предприятие международной американской компании Titan Machinery, которая владеет сетью дилерских центров в США (105 представительств) и Европе (15 отделений). В Украине Titan Machinery является официальным дилером техники CNH (бренды Case и New Holland), в том числе тракторов, комбайнов, жаток, опрыскивателей, сеялок.

Компания также импортирует в Украину системы точного земледелия. У «Titan Machinery Украина» два сервисных центра в Киевской области и один — в Виннице. Центральная выставочная площадка сельхозтехники компании расположена в Киеве. Ежегодно дилер обслуживает около 1000 единиц сельхозтехники. В декабре прошлого года компания открыла новый дилерский центр в Белой Церкви (Киевская область). При проектировании своих центров она использует принцип трех S: Sales, Spare parts, Service. То есть под одной крышей находятся выставочная площадка, склад запчастей и ремонтная мастерская.

№10 «Агроресурс»

Владельцы: Станислав Мартынов, Валерий Дударенко

Объем импорта: $12,88 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника, семена

Первые 10 лет своей работы «Агроресурс» обеспечивал наших аграриев сельскохозяйственной техникой украинского производства, а в 2006‑м стал дистрибьютором таких крупных компаний, как New Holland, Kline, Kuhn, Case, Flexi‑Coil. У «Агроресурса» есть собственный гарантийно‑сервисный центр, где помимо ремонта и обслуживания техники клиентов учат работе с ней. Сервисные инженеры компании проходят обучение на заводах‑изготовителях в США, Бельгии, Франции, Италии.

Два года назад «Агроресурс» открыл новое направление деятельности — начал поставлять в Украину посевной материал, средства защиты растений и микроудобрения. В 2015-м компания стала официальным дилером «Ман Трак енд Бас Юкрейн» (дочернее предприятие одного из ведущих европейских производителей грузовых автомобилей MAN Truck & Bus AG).

№11 «АМАКО Украина»

Владелец: American Machinery Company

Объем импорта: $12,17 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника, семена

Фото: https://www.amacoint.com/

Фото: https://www.amacoint.com/

АМАKO является частью международной корпорации, работающей в США, Европе, Африке и на Ближнем Востоке. Она поставляет в Украину сельскохозяйственную, строительную технику и коммерческий транспорт таких ведущих мировых брендов, как Kuhn, New Holland, Joskin, Miller, Pioneer, Monsanto, IVECO. Дистрибьюторская сеть АМАКО насчитывает 14 представительств по всей Украине. В прошлом году в АМАКО прошла реструктуризация. Кроме продажи техники и запасных частей в компании занялись сервисным обслуживанием. Сейчас АМАКО активно открывает ремонтные мастерские.

В 2015‑м компания на 65% сократила количество продаваемых моделей. «Это позволило повысить уровень послепродажной поддержки техники и акцентировать внимание на дополнительном обучении наших специалистов департамента сервиса», — поясняет генеральный директор АМАКО Дмитрий Бородий.

№12 «Мироновский хлебопродукт»

Владелец: Юрий Косюк

Объем импорта: $9,62 млн

Специализация: семена, сельхозтехника

Компания «Мироновский хлебопродукт» известна не только как крупнейший производитель мяса птицы в Украине, но и как крупный импортер семян и средств защиты растений, которые она использует в растениеводческом подразделении своего бизнеса. МХП контролирует все этапы производства курятины: от производства зерновых и масличных культур, выпуска комбикормов до выращивания бройлерного поголовья, переработки, сбыта, распределения и продажи мяса птицы.

Агрохолдинг импортирует семена кукурузы (производства Monsanto, Syngenta, Pioneer, Euralis, Limagrain и др.), рапса — Lembke, Pioneer, Euralis, сои — Prograin, «Нови Сад», подсолнечника — Syngenta AG, Euralis, КВС, пшеницы — «Нови Сад», Strube, Saatbau и др. Кроме того, МХП ввозит в Украину СЗР таких крупных поставщиков, как Bayer, DuPont, BASF, Syngenta, «Август», DowAgroSciences. Выращивание собственных зерновых — один из важнейших компонентов интегрированной бизнес-модели «Мироновского хлебопродукта». Зерновые собственного производства — кукуруза, подсолнечник, пшеница, соя — используются для изготовления комбикормов для птицы и крупного рогатого скота. Рапс компания в основном экспортирует. У МХП два небольших семенных завода по доработке семян сельхозкультур (кроме кукурузы).

№13 «НовоФарм»

Владельцы: Agueri Holdings Ltd, Falmer Corporation Ltd, Holmes Enterprises Ltd, Redbridge Trading Corp., Stolcom Investments Ltd

Объем импорта: $7,41 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№14 «Укравтозапчасть»

Владелец: Олег Зимин

Объем импорта: $7,26 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника
Компания «Укравтозапчасть» была основана в 1995 году и ранее входила в состав финансово‑промышленной группы «Укрпроминвест» Петра Порошенко. Но сейчас в компании заявляют, что последние семь лет президент не имеет отношения к предприятию. В то же время его акционер Олег Зимин является давним бизнес‑партнером Порошенко.

Компания предлагает украинским покупателям тракторы, сельскохозяйственную и специализированную технику, мото­технику, запчасти, аккумуляторы, шины, диски, смазочные, эксплуатационные и ремонтные материалы. Всего в ассортименте у импортера 42 000 наименований. «Укравтозапчасть» работает с крупнейшими производителями России, Беларуси, Чехии, Китая, Индии. У нее 45 филиалов по всей стране и более 120 000 корпоративных клиентов.

№15 «Альбион»

Владелец: «Альбион Трейд Интернешнл»

Объем импорта: $7,12 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№16 «Цеппелин Украина»

Владелец: Zeppelin International

Объем импорта: $6,79 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

«Цеппелин Украина» — эксклюзивный официальный дилер компании Caterpillar. Этот крупнейший производитель строительной и горнодобывающей техники, газотурбинных и дизельных двигателей, промышленных газовых турбин входит в немецкую группу Zeppelin. Группа занимается продажей и сервисным обслуживанием строительных и сельскохозяйственных машин, арендой и лизингом строительного оборудования, производством двигателей. Zeppelin работает в 20 странах. В 2014 году ее оборот составил 2,3 млрд евро.

В то же время объемы продаж строительной техники в СНГ в 2014‑м компания сократила на 24%. Одной из причин падения стал конфликт между Украиной и Россией, девальвация гривны и рубля. Современная техника для строительства и горнодобывающего сектора, выпускаемая компанией Caterpillar, оснащается высокотехнологичным оборудованием, которое обеспечивает сбор и передачу подробных данных о работе каждой машины. Благодаря этому у владельцев оборудования Cat всегда есть информация и возможность контролировать работу всего парка техники. В Украине немецкая группа открыла шесть филиалов, создала сеть сервисных центров и пунктов торговли запасными частями, а также учебный центр. В 2015 году «Цеппелин Украина» расширила линейку брендов агропромышленной техники, добавив в нее Rabe, Krampe, Capello.

№17 Агростроительный альянс «АСТРА»

Владелец: «Агрокорпорейшн Холдинг»

Объем импорта: $6,71 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№18 «Маскио Гаспардо Украина»

Владелец: Maschio Gaspardo SpA

Объем импорта: $6,63 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№19 «КВС Украина»

Владелец: KWS SAAT SE

Объем импорта: $6,07 млн

Специализация: семена, сельхозтехника

№20 «Сварог Вест Групп»

Владельцы: Александр и Сергей Буряки

Объем импорта: $5,41 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№21 «Миниагротехника»

Владелец: Вячеслав Бондаренко

Объем импорта: $5,32 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

Компания специализируется на импорте мини‑техники корейского и китайского производства для сельского хозяйства: мини‑тракторов брендов Kioti, Branson, Dongfeng, Mahindra, Xingtai, мини‑сеялок, пахотных машин, мотоблоков, а также навесного оборудования и запчастей. Основные покупатели — мелкие и средние фермерские хозяйства. «Миниагротехника» также предоставляет своим клиентам сервисное обслуживание. Компания предлагает тракторы мощностью от 12 до 40 л. с.

В ее ассортименте одно‑, двух‑, трех‑ и четырехцилиндровые сельхозмашины либо с полным, либо с задним приводом. Цены на модели мини‑тракторов стартуют от 25 000 гривен и окупаются в хозяйстве в течение полугода. Вся техника, адаптирована к особенностям нашей страны.

№22 «Автоленд»

Владелец: Станислав Середюк

Объем импорта: $4,94 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№23 «Агромаш-трейд»

Владелец: Сергей Минков

Объем импорта: $4,46 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№24 «Pottinger Украина»

Владельцы: Клаус и Хайнц Петтингеры

Объем импорта: $4,46 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

№25 Väderstad

Владельцы: Андреас, Кристер, Кристина и Бо Старк

Объем импорта: $4,39 млн

Специализация: сельхозтехника

Компания Väderstad была основана в начале 1960-х годов семьей фермеров Руне и Сив Старк. Сегодня ею руководят их дети. В Украину шведских производителей сельскохозяйственной техники привлек аграрный потенциал нашей страны: только обрабатываемых сельхозземель у нас 40 млн га. Сейчас эта семейная компания продает украинским аграриям зерноуборочные комбайны, почвообрабатывающие машины и сеялки. Väderstad каждый год инвестирует более 10% прибыли в исследования различных методов обработки почвы.

Основное преимущество техники Väderstad в том, что она может за один проход выполнять несколько операций. Благодаря этому сокращается время сева, снижается рабочее время трактора, уменьшается количество выбросов углекислого газа в атмосферу и меньше уплотняется поверхность почвы. Компания неоднократно получала награды за инновационность и высокий потенциал в разработке высокоточных сельхозмашин, открывающие новые возможности в сфере органического земледелия. В мире у шведов 12 дочерних предприятий, на которых работают около 1000 человек. Недавно они взялись за покорение североамериканского рынка, для чего Väderstad купила канадскую компанию SeedHawk.

№26 «Спектр Агро»

Владельцы: Василий Скарлат, Владимир Лобач, Мария Лавренюк

Объем импорта: $3,96 млн

Специализация: семена, сель


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