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36 Biggest Exporters Rating

Every third dollar in Ukraine comes from agricultural products export. Not only the visitors of the agrarian conferences, but also the speakers, are sick and tired of this cliché. As we need to tell the whole story, to omit this fact would be absolutely wrong.

Even if successful export of food is one of only few things our country can be proud of, and one of the opportunities we haven’t missed yet, we still have to speak it out. The necessity of export maintenance and development is obvious not only for rational business. Ukrainian government also supports the exporters, though they usually do it in quite weird and ambiguous way. One bright example of that is the change in fiscal code, which provides automatic value added tax refund for the companies exporting grain. The weird part is that these funds are not provided in the state budget. The list of the biggest agrarian products exporters is one of the key Landlord magazine ratings. Moreover, you could have already noticed that export is our favorite topic. In every issue of our magazine we write about it either way: in analytics, success stories or in other sections. We couldn’t help making international trade the main topic of the issue and looked at it from different angles.

How did we count? Long-list was made up using Derzhzovnishinform service data. The rate is the amount of export in monetary terms following the results of 2015. Every company in the rating had possibility to become familiar with the data and correct them if necessary. All companies in the list were sent the application form. In this rating there are companies that export sunflower oil, grain, meat, dairy and final food products. Companies, exporting fertilisers and plant protection products are not included. In this list there are also no brokers that provide transfer and shipment services.

The rating represents some interesting tendencies. For instance, «Creative» group, founded by Stanislav Berezkin, had been one of the leaders in sunflower oil export for some years. One year ago, in March 2015, the company stopped the export due to the financial problems and inability to pay its debts. «Agrotrade» company used to be among ten biggest grain exporters but it reduced the amount of sales abroad. In 2014, export amounted around 80% of the company’s total revenue, last year it fell to 45%.

In addition to the rating you can find not only the articles written by our editorial staff on the theme of the issue but also the authorial content provided by the representatives of business.

№1 Company: «Kernel»

Owner: Andrey Verevskiy

Export amount: $1995.3 million

Segment: oil, grain crops

In 2014/15 marketing year the revenue of the leading company in oil and grain crops export reduced by 3%, to $2.33 billion, whereas the company’s EBITDA rose by 78%, up to $396.6 million. «Our medium-term strategy remains unchanged. We consider that we will benefit from Ukrainian oil business sector consolidation and are waiting for the right moment to act, – said the owner of the company Andrey Verevskiy. – Concerning grain and infrastructure, we aim to nearly double grain crops export amount and concentrate on trans-shipment terminal improvement project in Ukraine». According to «Kernel’s» data, the company’s world oil production share equals roughly 8%. The products are shipped to the EU, India, Egypt, and Turkey.

Processing capacities of the company equal 3 million tons of sunflower seeds per year. This allows the enterprise to produce 1.3 million tons of sunflower oil and 1.2 million tons of seed cake. Besides oil production the company actively participates in grain crops export. According to USDA the company’s world grain export share was 19% in 2014/15. Annually they ship to international markets more than 5 million tons of corn, wheat, barley, and rapeseed. The company buys the crops from thousands of farmers in Ukraine and Southern parts of Russia. Export logistics is deployed by company’s own terminals: «Transbalkterminal» (Illichevsk, with the transfer capacity of 4 million tons per year), «Taman grain terminal» (the Russian Federation, 4 million tons per year). «Oiltransterminal» (Nikolayev) transfers oil and seed cake for the company’s needs. According to «Kernel», company’s share in grain export from Ukraine equals 10% and 4% from the Russian Federation.

Top-5 export countries: India, the EU countries, Egypt, Turkey, African Countries.

№2 Company: «Nibulon»

Owner: Aleksey Vadaturskiy

Export amount: $818.9 million

Segment: grain and oil crops

«Nibulon» Holding owned by Aleksey Vadaturskiy shipped to export 4.2 million tons of grain crops in 2014/15 marketing year. The company ships grain to 64 countries, though the biggest part of it goes to Egypt, Spain and Saudi Arabia. «In 2014/15 «Nibulon» launched new export directions, such as China – 2.8%, Thailand – 1.2% and Mexico – 1.05%. Mexico is exclusively interesting for the company because of its geographical remoteness from Ukraine but nearness to the biggest agricultural countries in the world – the USA and Argentina, their impact on the western hemisphere markets is considerable» – admitted the company’s representatives.

«Nibulon» prognoses to increase export amount up to 19%, to 5 million tons, by exporting to China and Iran. The company’s own grain-elevators, cargo ships and shipbuilding yard help to improve the external trade relations. «Nibulon» invested $69 million into shipbuilding. The capacity of the trans-shipment terminal is 40 000 tons daily. The grain elevators’ capacity is 500 000 tons. The company plans to invest $15 million in building a silo in Cherkassy region, with the capacity of 200 000 tons. According to «APK-Inform» Information Agency, «Nibulon’s» share in overall grain export from Ukraine was 7.7% in the first part of 2015/16 marketing year.

Top-5 export countries: Egypt, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Tunisia.

№3 Company: State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine

Owner: State ownership – Ukraine

Export amount: $554 million

Segment: grain crops

State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (SFGCU) exports grain crops and flour. According to State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, SFGCU exported more than 2.9 million tons to 16 countries of the Middle and the Near East, the West and the South-West Asia, the North Africa, and the EU in 2015. SFGCU was the first to start Ukrainian grain export to China. The company succeeded to increase its revenue up to 67.8% to UAH12 billion, the income from external shipment increased by 10%. SFGCU is 96% export oriented in terms of its sales structure. The company buys up wheat, barley, corn, rye, oats, buckwheat and soy under forward and spot contracts in all regions of Ukraine. 316 certified grain elevators receive grain crops, including 53 SFGCU branches with 3.75 million tons storage capacity.

The company includes Odessa and Nikolayev port elevators. Their general capacity equals 2.4 million tons of grain per year. Total load capacity of «Odessa grain terminal» is 97 500 tons, the main crops are: wheat, corn, barley, rapeseed and sunflower. Mill plant processing capacity is 77 000 tons of flour annually. Total load capacity of «Nikolayev Port Elevator» is 69 000 tons, main crops are: wheat, barley, rapeseed and sunflower. Next to «Nikolayev Port Elevator» the company rents 2 347 hectares of land for growing grain crops.

Top-5 export countries: China, Israel, Japan, Bangladesh, Libya.[/su_spoiler]

№4 Company: «Mironovsky Hleboproduct»

Owner: Yuriy Kosyuk

Export amount: $540 million

Segment: poultry, grain crops, oil

«Mironovsky Hleboproduct» owned by Yuriy Kosyuk exports poultry, semi-finished products, sunflower and soy oils, grain crops. Main shipment goes to Iraq, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Jordan, Egypt, the UAE and Germany. In 2015 «Mironovsky Hleboproduct’s» export amounted 80% of the whole poultry export from Ukraine. The company’s amount of export decreased by 6%, to 132 000 tons. The main reason was the purchasing power fall in the CIS countries due to the local currencies devaluation. At the same time «Mironovsky Hleboproduct» increased chilled poultry export to the EU by 65%, up to 27000 tons. The company is interested in Asian and African markets. Export share in overall company’s revenue amounted 44% in 2015. The company plans to have export level about $530 million (the financial report is issued in March).

«Mironovsky Hleboproduct» is a leading Ukrainian poultry manufacturer. All production stages are under control, starting from feed production, incubation, rearing, processing and selling via franchise retail chain. Land bank of the company equals 350 000 hectares. The land is used for corn growing for further feed production while other crops are sold.

Top-5 export countries: Iraq, Uzbekistan, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Georgia.

№5 Company: «Cargill Ukraine»

Owner: Cargill

Export amount: $495 million

Segment: grain crops, oil

Cargill Corporation has a subsidiary company in Ukraine. It owns a plant, which produces hybrid sunflower seeds and mixed fertilisers, an oil extraction plant with 400 000 tons annual processing capacity, Kahovka oil production enterprise with 440 000 tons annual capacity and six grain elevators. In 2014 Cargill acquired 5% share of UkrLandFarming owned by Oleh Bahmatyuk for $200 million. In February the company claimed that they plan to wrap up gradually seeds, agro chemicals and fertilisers sales in the Black Sea Coast countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary and leave the business in this region by the end of May, 2016. «The company could not achieve the expected synergetic effects between agricultural products sales and grain purchase» – the representatives of the company informed. Instead, the company is intended to focus on grain crops sales. Cargill exports its products from Ukraine to Asia, Africa, and the countries of the Near East.

In 2018 Cargill plans to launch a grain terminal in «Yuzhny» port. In February 2016 there was an investment agreement signed with «M.B.Cargo» Company, which works in «Yuzhny» trade sea port. The investment will equal $100 million. The new terminal will work with heavy-load vessels and ship Ukrainian grain to the markets of all regions of the world. Cargill will be able to trans-ship up to 70% of its grain via this terminal.

Top-5 export countries: China, Sudan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria.

№6 Company: ViOil

Owner: Viktor Ponomarchuk

Export amount: $339.4 million

Segment: oil

ViOil Production group owns two oil and fat plants: in Vinnitsa and Chernovtsy with the processing capacity of 2 700 tons of oil crops daily. Nearly all oil is exported, as the company is not interested in the domestic market. ViOil trades with more than 50 countries. The group was the first to sell vegetable oil to China. These days the company exports to India, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, and the Baltic States. A lot of confectionary plants of the CIS countries purchase vegetable oils by «Violia» brand. Seed cake is exported to Europe and Asia.

In 2014/15 marketing year, the company shipped to external markets 300 000 tons of sunflower oil, 28 000 tons of rapeseed oil, 7 000 tons of soy oil and 275 000 tons of seed cake. The products are trans-shipped via Odessa and Illichevsk ports and port «Yuzhny». In the nearest future the company is going to increase the capacity by building new soy and rapeseed processing plant at the territory of Chernovtsy oil extraction plant. Its capacity will be 1100 and 1500 tons daily for each crop accordingly. The company also owns 11 grain elevators in Vinnitsa and Chernovtsy regions.

№7 Company: «Bunge Ukraine»

Owner: Bunge

Export amount: $337.5 million

Segment: grain and oil crops, oil

The Ukrainian subdivision of a transnational company Bunge has been operating in Ukraine since 2002. «Bunge Ukraine» produces refined sunflower oil at Dnepropetrovsk oil-extraction plant. Its subsidiary enterprise with foreign investments «Suntrade» is one of the biggest grain and oil traders in Ukraine. Nowadays the company is increasing its trans-shipment capacities in Nikolayev port by 2 million tons, up to 5 million tons grain crops annually and is building an oil extraction plant with expected capacity of 2 400 tons of oil seeds daily. A newly built plant will allow Bunge increase oil shipment by 350 000 tons, up to 470 000 tons per year. In 2014/15 marketing year the company trans-shipped 3.9 million tons of grain, soy and rapeseed. Dnepropetrovsk oil-extract plant produced about 150 000 tons of oil. The half of it was exported. The main company’s customers are India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the EU.

№8 Company: UkrLandFarming

Owner: Oleh Bahmatyuk

Export amount: $315 million

Segment: eggs, egg products, grain crops

UkrLandFarming, owned by Oleh Bachmatiuk is the biggest grain, meat, eggs and egg products exporter. The Agro Holding was one of the first to export corn from Ukraine to China. In 2014/15 marketing year 1.8 million tons of grain crops were exported to China, Egypt, the EU, and Pakistan. In a couple of years the company plans to build a trans-shipment terminal in «Yuzhny» port. Total investments in 2 stages of the construction will amount $800 million. The company’s own terminal will allow to trans-ship more than 15 million tons of crops annually. UkrLandFarming is also the biggest eggs and egg product exporters.

«Avangard» company, which is a part of the holding, is intended to increase egg export up to 50 – 60% in sales structure in three to five years. Agro holding exports eggs and egg products to 38 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, the CIS, and the Near East. UkrLandFarming is also one of the biggest beef producers in Ukraine. The company owns 19 meat-processing plants, exporting their products to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.

№9 Company: «Noble Resources Ukraine»

Owner: Noble Group Ltd

Export amount: $235 million

Segment: grain crops

«Noble Resources Ukraine» is a Ukrainian subsidiary of international Noble Group Limited, which ships industrial, energy and agricultural products worldwide. The company has been working in Ukraine since 2008 and is one of the biggest exporters of sunflower oil and grain crops. The products are mainly shipped to Europe and China. In Ukraine Noble owns a grain elevator in Kherson region and oil-extraction plant with the capacity of 1500 tons of sunflower seeds daily in Donetsk region. In 2014 Noble Group acquired The Danube Naval Stevedoring Company, which owns lands and trans-shipment capacities in Nikolayev port.

These days the international trader is finishing building the trans-shipment facility with 3 million tons of grain and oil crops annual capacity. In 2014/15 marketing year, the company shipped to foreign markets 1.3 million tons of grain crops, 70% of which was corn. It was mostly sent to China.

№10 Company: «Glencore Grain Ukraine»

Owner: Glencore International AG

Export amount: $207.3 million

Segment: grain and oil crops

«Glencore Grain Ukraine» deals with growing and exporting of oil and grain crops, it also processes oil crops. The company includes export oriented «Serna» Company, «United Elevator Company», which managers the storages, agricultural crops farming «Argarnye Tehnologii», «Kolos» – sunflower oil producer and Illichevsk grain terminal with 120 000 tons trans-shipment capacity. Company’s land bank is situated in the central regions of Ukraine and totals about 80 000 hectares. Overall elevators’ capacity is around 1 million tons of grain. The bulk of the company’s storing facilities are concentrated next to the Black Sea ports. The company decided to get rid of some facilities in the central and eastern parts of the country and offered for sale some grain elevators. During two last years the company exported 2.5 million tons of grain. The company is also an acknowledged leader in rapeseed export, selling more than a third from total production volume.

Its parent company, Glencore International (Switzerland) is one of the most considerable vendors of commodity products: metals, minerals, base oil, coal, refined petroleum products and also agricultural products.

№11 Company: «ADM Ukraine»

Owner: Archer Daniels Midland

Export amount: $185.7 million

Segment: grain and oil crops

«ADM Ukraine» entered Ukrainian market in 2014, after the American giant Archer Daniel Midland Co. acquired from a large German trader Alfred C.Toepfer International its Ukrainian subsidiary. The company owns a trans-shipping complex in Odessa sea port with the capacity of 1.2 tons annually. It also has Illichevsk oil-extract plant, grain elevators, including two port-elevators. The company exports grain, sunflower oil and seed cake. In 2014/15 MY its grain export from Ukraine equalled 1.2 million tons. Trans-shipping is carried out via Odessa, Nikolayev, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Kherson, and Izmail sea ports. In 2012 the company got a loan of $50 million from EBRD. The funds were given for working capital replenishment.

№12 Company: «Granum Invest»

Owner: Frankiro Holdings Limited, Alambineto Holdings Limited

Export amount: $184.8 million

Segment: grain crops

«Granum Invest» needed only four years to take root in Ukrainian top-20 rating of grain exporters. Right after the company appeared at the market, it purchased 25 000 tons of grain from Agro Fund for UAH 55 million. In 2013/14 marketing year the company carried out big shipments of grain to China, having signed an agreement with State Food and Grain Corporation. Nowadays «Granum Invest» keeps exporting corn to China. According to «APK Inform», company’s share amounted 3.8% of Ukrainian corn export in 2014/15 MY. Last year, the company managed to ship 807 000 tons of grain via «Yuzhny» port. The trader owns a developed network of sales representative offices in main agricultural regions of Ukraine. It also has well-organised transport, elevator and port logistical system.

№13 Company: «Louis Dreyfus Commodities Ukraine»

Owner: Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Export amount: $174.4 million

Segment: grain crops

«Louis Dreyfus Commodities Ukraine LTD» is one of the most significant grain traders in our country with foreign capital. The company exports from Ukraine more than 2 million tons of grain annually. It owns six elevators in Vinnitsa, Cherkassy and Zaporozhe regions. It exports wheat, barley, corn, and sunflower seeds. «Louis Dreyfus Commodities Ukraine» in cooperation with «Brooklyn-Kiev» stevedoring company builds a grain trans-shipping terminal in Odessa port with 4.5 million tons of grain annual capacity. The total project cost amounts $99 million, including $60 million loan from EBRD. In 2014/15 MY the company exported 1.6 million tons of grain via Odessa, Nikolayev, Kherson, Izmail and «Yuzhny» ports. In 2015 the company acquired 5 hectares of land to building a car park and the spots for the samples collection of the loads which enter the terminal.

№14 Company: «Fozzy Food»

Owners: Vladimir Kostelman, Oleg Sotnikov, Roman Chigir

Export amount: $162 million

Segment: ready food, vegetable and animal origin products

«Fozzy Food» is a subsidiary of one of the biggest Ukrainian retailers Fozzy Group. «Fozzy Food» exports meat, vegetable oil and grain. In 2014/15 MY the company exported 200 000 tons of grain crops via Nikolayev, Mariupol, Odessa, Illichevsk, Kherson, Berdyansk, Octyabrsky ports and port «Yuzhny» to India, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and the EU. Fozzy Group is one of the biggest commerce and industry groups in Ukraine with more than 600 retail stores. It has been working in Ukraine since 1997. The group also produces ready food and runs restaurant business. The main production enterprises of the group are represented by Nezhin preserved food plant and «Varto» poultry factory.

№15 Company: «Delta Wilmar CIS»

Owner: Delta Wilmar International Ltd

Export amount: $151.1 million

Segment: oil and fat products

«Delta Wilmar CIS» processes tropical oils, sunflower and rapeseed. It also exports vegetable oils, seed cake, margarines and fats. The company has built two plants: oil crops processing facility with the capacity of 1300 tons per day and oil refinement plant with 2100 tons per day processing capacity. Delta Wilmar owns vegetable oil trans-shipping complex in «Yuzhny» port.

About 70% of all products are exported to more than 30 countries. The company ships margarines and special-purpose fats to more than 1000 confectionary, baking, dairy and other food manufacturers in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Moldova, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Sunflower oil is shipped to India, China, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, and Greece. In 2014/15 marketing year the company exported 122 000 tons of sunflower oil, 134 000 tons of sunflower seed cake and 3 400 tons of margarines.

№16 Company: «Astarta-Kiev»

Owners: Victor Ivanchik, Valeriy Korotkov

Export amount: $120 million

Segment: grain crops, soy procession products, sugar and co-products, heifers

«Astarta-Kiev» ships its products to Asia, Africa and Europe. In company’s general sales structure 40% of all products are exported. The holding is one of the biggest sugar exporters in Ukraine. In 2015 the company exported 10% of all produced sugar. The holding manufactured 355 000 tons of sugar, one third of it was shipped to the EU. This year the company is concentrated on their EU export increase.

The company is also considering the possibility to enter the markets of the Near East, the North Africa, the South East Asia, particularly: China, Japan and Korea. One more holding’s business direction is grain crops export. In October 2015 the holding received an approval for the export of corn to China. «India is a very interesting market, – Victor Ivanchik, one of «Astarta’s» owners admits. – There was a very poor harvest and I am sure India will soon need our wheat».

№17 Company: Pologovsky Oil-Extraction Plant

Owner: Von Sass AG

Export amount: $100.3 million

Segment: oil

Pologovsky Oil-Extraction Plant is in top-5 largest oil producers of Ukraine. Total enterprise’s capacity equals 550 000 tons of vegetable oil per year. Besides sunflower they process soy and rapeseed. Nearly 80% of vegetable oil and 30% of seed cake are exported. The main consumers are: India, the UAE, China, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Lebanon, Israel, Algeria and the Netherlands.

70% are exported to India and the countries of the Near East. The company also export soy seed cake mainly to the countries of the EU, the CIS and the Near East. Last year the first load of seed cake was exported to India. At the domestic market the company sells its products with «Slavia» and «Smachna Kraplya» trademarks. The enterprise also manufactures oil with private label for several retail chains.

№18 Company: «Industrial Milk Company»

Owner: Aleksandr Petrov

Export amount: $97.4 million

Segment: grain crops

In 2015 «Industrial Milk Company» exported 629 000 tons of grain and oil crops. The products are exported to the countries of the Near East, the EU, Asia and the North Africa. In October 2015 the company got the permission to export corn to China. Aliona Krisenko, the company’s Commercial Director explains that land-bank enlargement and grain and oil crops yield increase help to improve export volume. Nowadays «Industrial Milk Company» cultivates 137 000 ha of land, the company’s grain storage capacity is 554 000 tons.

The company plans to increase the grain crops export. «To grow grain crops for export is one of the company’s strategic elements, – Alex Lissitsa, the CEO of the company explained. – Owing to the high export share component in company’s sales, «Industrial Milk Company» is able to level down negative national currency devaluation effects and has good financial results even during the crisis».

№19 Company: «UkrAgroCom and Germes-Trading»

Owners: Sergey Kuzmenko, Yuriy Skichko

Export amount: $89.5 million

Segment: grain and oil crops

«UkrAgroCom and Germes-Trading» Group grows and sells grain crops. Export share amounts 80% from total revenue of the company. Last marketing year the company exported 440 000 tons of grain and oil crops: rapeseed, barley, wheat and corn. In 2016 «UkrAgroCom and Germes-Trading» plans to increase its export part to 750 000 tons. In 2015 the company started shipping to Egypt using direct contracts.

They also export grain to Italy, Poland, Iran, Turkey, and Spain. The company is intended to enter the markets of India, China and Japan. The company owns 4 elevators and Svetlovodsk river terminal with 353 000 tons total storing capacity. $30 million were invested into river terminal construction. In 2015 annual terminal’s trans-shipment capacity reached 100 000 tons.

№20 Company: Roshen

Owner: Petr Poroshenko

Export amount: $88.1 million

Segment: confectionery products, milk and dairy products

Last six months were not easy for the corporation. It was prohibited to export its products to Russia. Before this, Russia used to be one of the main directions for Roshen confectionery products export. Nowadays the company is actively looking for the new markets. It increases the amount of import to the Middle East, the European Union and China (by 1.9%). The fact that the EU has cancelled customs duty for confectionery products became a great plus for the company. Three years ago Roshen entered Chinese market.

The company has offices in three cities in China. In 2015 the export to this country amounted $5 million. This year the corporation plans to increase its share at Asian and European markets. It also plans to export milk. Besides confectionary factories Roshen owns dairy products plant in Vinnitsa, with the processing capacity of 600 tons of milk per day. Last year the company got the permission for dairy products delivery to 25 countries of the world.

№21 Company: «Dniprooliya»

Owners: Ruslan and Olga Yevstafyev, Myudzhahit and Lyuftyu Tyurkan, Ahmed Penich

Export amount: $80.7 million

Segment: vegetable oil

«Dniprooliya» is an oil-extraction plant located in Krivoy Rog. The enterprise produces 20 000 tons of sunflower seed cake and 6 000 tons of oil per month. Last year the company built a silo with the capacity of 15 000 tons and increased the capacities of extrusion shop and oil purification facilities. In 2016 «Dniprooliya» plans to launch their second oil-extraction shop. It will help to increase the enterprise processing capacity more than twice. The company exports all their products. Its share in overall Ukrainian export is 6.3%.

«The paying capacity at the domestic market is very low but the competition is very high, – says one of the company’s owners Ruslan Yevstafyev. – The foreign market is more predictable. It is possible to predict the prices and to have forward contracts; moreover this market brings foreign currency income to the company». Last year «Dniprooliya» entered European market and works with direct contracts. The company exports sunflower oil, seed cake and oilcake to Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Cyprus, Great Britain, Italy, France and Spain.

№22 Company: «Almira»

Owner: Oleg Balyuk

Export amount: $78.3 million

Segment: dairy products

The company exports 43% of their cheese and cheese containing products. The ban of Ukrainian cheese export to Russia by «Rosselhoznadzor» has greatly influenced the company. The company’s plant «Gadyachsyr» used to export up to 60% of its products. This plant’s share in overall Ukrainian cheese and cheese containing products export to Russia amounted 14%. As a result the company had to find new export directions.

At the end of 2015 «Almira» like some other not numerous Ukrainian dairy products holdings received a permission to trade with China. At the beginning of this year the company got the possibility to export its products to European countries. Nowadays the company exports dairy products to the CIS countries, Africa and the Middle East. The «Almira’s» trade partners list has around 50 countries. The holding consists of seven dairy plants, six trade companies and one agricultural division. The company’s overall milk processing capacity is 621 000 tons of milk per year. All the group’s enterprises are located in Poltava region.

№23 Company: «Mondelez Ukraine»

Owner: Mondelez International

Export amount: $77.7 million

Segment: confectionery products

«Mondelez Ukraine» is a part of Mondelez International Group, which is one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate, biscuits, candies and chewing gum in the world. They sell their products under the brands «Korona», Milka, «Barny Bear», TUC, «Belvita! Dobriy Ranok! », «Lux», Dirol, Halls, Picnic. «Mondelez Ukraine» owns Trostyanets chocolate factory «Ukraina» and plant «Chips Lux», which is one of the largest manufacturers of chips in the country.

«Mondelez Ukraine» exports its products to the countries of Eastern Europe and the Central East. For instance, chips of «Lux» and Estrella brands are supplied to Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia the company has its representative offices. In 2015 Trostyanets chocolate factory passed international «Halal» certification, so now «Mondelez Ukraine» can export its products to 57 Muslim countries.

№24 Company: «Bessarabia V»

Owner: Dmitriy Shederov

Export amount: $75 million

Segment: vegetable oil

«Bessarabia V» processes oil crops and sells vegetable oil and seed cake. The company’s oil-extraction factory is located in Izmail, Odessa region. The logistical advantage of the enterprise is in its direct access to the Danube river port and closeness to the Black Sea ports. The enterprise’s silo is able to store up to 30 000 tons of sunflower seeds and 10 000 tons of seed cake. Last year the oil-extraction plant increased its capacity up to 400 tons of oil and 390 tons of seed cake daily.

The company also has the facilities for sunflower waste granulation into bio-fuel pellets with the capacity of 130 tons per day. It makes the enterprise production «zero-waste». «Bessarabia V» exports sunflower and rapeseed oil, sunflower and rapeseed seed cake to the countries of the European Union: Spain, France, and Italy. The export’s share in the company’s revenue was 78% in 2015.

№25 Company: «Ramburs»

Owner: Aleksey Gavrilov

Export amount: $59.6 million

Segment: grain crops

«Ramburs» company group owned by Kiev businessman Aleksey Gavrilov is specialised on of grain crops sales. They also started poultry rearing some years ago. The company is actively developing container shipment of rapeseed, corn, wheat, barley and soy from Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia and Bulgaria to more than 50 countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan.

«Ramburs» ships grain from Odessa grain terminal «Borivazh». The group’s main enterprise for grain storage is a silo in Lipovets, Vinnitsa region. It has the capacity of 2 500 tons of grain per day. «Ramburs» is the first Ukrainian company, which joined the International Association of Grain and Forage Crops Traders.

№26 Company: «Ukrainian Agrarian Investments»

Owner: ONEXIM Group

Export amount: $58.8 million

Segment: grain crops

«Ukrainian Agrarian Investments» holding consists of about 70 farms and five silos in 16 regions of Ukraine. There is American drying equipment at the company’s siloes. They allow the manufacturer to use two times less natural gas. EBRD financed the holding with $20 million loan at the end of 2015. «Ukrainian Agrarian Investments» plans to use these funds as operating capital. The company exports grain to Asian countries, Spain, Egypt, South Korea and India. They also provide Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF).

№27 Company: «Agrotrade»

Owner: Vsevolod Kozhemyako

Export amount: $58.6 million (2015 marketing year)

Segment: grain crops

«Agrotrade» is a vertically integrated holding, which grows grain and oil crops and produces corn, sunflower, soy and wheat seeds. The company is one of the biggest exporters. Its grain export share is about 3% of all Ukrainian grain export amount. The company’s main export market is the Near East. The agro holding plans to sell its products to China, Iran and the European Union.

«Agrotrade» signs some contracts under CIF conditions, delivering the products to the destination port. These conditions are quite risky and the company has extra expenses like cargo insurance, payments for the freight. It is not always as profitable as sales under EXW, CPT or FOB conditions. But it extends the range of clients and gives more possibilities for the trader. The company owns 12 silos with the capacity of 500 000 tons.

№28 Company: «Creative Group»

Owners: Rysbek Toktomushev, Artur Grants

Export amount: $54.9 million

Segment: vegetable oil

Until recently the company was the second in the list of sunflower oil top exporters in Ukraine. It delivered the product to 25 countries. «Creative Group’s» representative offices in the UAE, China, India, Georgia and Russia promoted the business. The group was among the three top oil manufacturers and it also was one of the largest producers of fats and margarines. «Creative» used to export two thirds of its products. After the company’s debt load had appeared to be too big to manage, its position at the market became much weaker.

At the end of 2015, the company got new owners. The Berezkins sold their business to Rysbek Toktomushev, a former Head of Supervisory Board of «BTA Bank», and Artur Grants, a businessman from Belarus. The new owners got three oil-extraction plants, with the overall capacity of 1.1 million tons annually, four fat producing plants, with the general productivity of more than 200 000 tons per year and some elevators. The businessmen also acquired nearly half a billion dollars debt. Toktomushev and Grants plan to restructure the debts, to maintain sustainable production and sell the company in some period of time.

№29 Company: «Agrain»

Owner: «Agrain Holding Limited»

Export amount: $53 million

Segment: grain crops

One of the most closed holdings in Ukraine. It was created by the Cyprus Company «Agrain Holding Limited» in 2008. It includes 15 agricultural enterprises located in Chernigov, Kharkov, Zhitomir, Kiev, Odessa and Cherkassy regions. The company cultivates 130 000 ha of land and is one of the largest agro holdings owing to their land bank. «Agrain» is mostly focused on crops growing. Annually the farms gather around 600 000 tons of grain and oil crops. The holding also grows livestock, there are 12 500 head of cattle and 19 500 pigs at the farms. «Agrain» also exports grain. The company owns four elevators with the overall capacity of 330 000 tons. More than 4 500 people work for the company.

№30 Company: «Prometej»

Owner: Rafael Goroyan

Export amount: $52.5 million

Segment: grain crops

«Prometej’s» share in overall amount of grain export from Ukraine is 3%. Last year the company exported more than 300 000 tons of grain and oil crops. «Prometej» is actively increasing its elevators’ capacity. Nowadays the trader has eight elevators in Nikolayev, Kiev and Kirovograd regions. In the nearest future the company plans to buy four more silos, thus increasing the storage capacity to 600 000 tons. Till the end of 2016, the owner of «Prometej» Rafael Goroyan plans to purchase eight more elevators.

During five next years he wants to increase the number of silos up to 50. The businessman prefers not to deal with loans and invests his own money into the business. The company owns about 3 000 ha of land, but Goroyan does not want to pay more attention to crops production. «If you want to make business, you need to feel it, – says the businessman. – Crops production is not my business, I don’t feel it».

№31 Company: «Syngenta Ukraine»

Owner: Syngenta AG

Export amount: $48.9 million

Segment: grain and oil crops, vegetables

«Syngenta Ukraine» produces and sells seeds and plant protection products. It does not export the products. The company cooperates with grain traders in the port. The head of business development group in «Syngenta Ukraine», Helen Fairlamb says that crops and vegetable direction is not the main one for the company. «Our goal is not to increase our export amount, but to help the farmers to sell their crops with maximum profit and at the same time to minimize all foreign currency exchange risks» – claims Fairlamb.

«Syngenta Ukraine» developed financial programs owing to which, the amount of the agricultural products sales increased twice, up to 340 000 tons, in 2015. The biggest part of the products was exported. Six times more manufacturers took part in «Syngenta Ukraine’s» financial programs in 2015 than previous year. «The increasing number of the participants and the amount of the program proves that our offers are interesting and profitable, – says Fairlamb. – If we continue to have this tendency, we are ready to develop the export direction potential».

№32 Company: «Galnaftogaz»

Owner: Vitaliy Antonov

Export amount: $46.1 million

Segment: grain, oil

«Galnaftogaz» owned by a Lvov businessman Vitaliy Antonov is specialised on petroleum products wholesale and retail. After the financial crisis in 2008, to reduce the foreign currency exchange risks connected with their main business directions (petroleum products and equipment import, dollar financing), the company decided to start agricultural products export. In particular, they decided to export grain and oil crops and concentrated apple juice. «Galnaftogaz» soon created «OKKO-Business».

In 2014, according to Lvov Region State Administration data, the company was in the top five biggest exporters in the region. With the help of its subsidiary businesses, the company exports fuel, apple juice, raw flax, butter, cheese, low-fat milk powder, soy and vegetable oil.

№33 Company: «Oliyar»

Owner: Irina Zalizna

Export amount: $46 million

Segment: vegetable oil

«Oliyar» is one of the leading manufacturers of vegetable oil in Ukraine and the biggest in the western region. In 2013 the company built an oil-extraction plant in Stavchany, Lvov region and focused on soy and rapeseed processing. Today the enterprise is able to process 1000 tons of rapeseed and 750 tons of soy daily. Since the end of January 2016, the company has switched to sunflower seeds processing.

«Oliyar» is an export oriented company. According to State Statistics Office data, in 2015, the fats and vegetable oil export from Ukraine amounted more than 4 million tons or $3.3 billion. The «Oliyar’s» share in overall fats and vegetable oil Ukrainian export is around 1.5%. The «Oliyar’s» main customers are the companies from our western neighbours: Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Moldova. The manufacturer plans to expand the export markets. «Oliyar» works with large traders through sea ports and sells its products to the wide East Asian market.

№34 Company: «Schedro Group»

Owner: Group «Privat»

Export amount: $42.2 million

Segment: oil and fat products, sauces

The company manufactures its products under the trade mark «Schedro» at Lvov and Kharkov fats processing plants and at Zaporozhe oil and fats processing enterprise. The company entered the foreign markets in 2012. Nowadays it exports around 15% of its products to 22 countries, in particular, to the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Israel. The company’s trademark «Schedro» is easy to find in such big European retail chains as Spar, Tesco, Carrefour, Metro and Auchan.

The main part of company’s export goes to the CIS countries and Eastern Europe. One of the main tasks of the company is to strengthen its position at the European market. Last October «Schedro» took part in one of the largest Food Expositions Anuga, in Cologne. The company’s new trade mark Olli was introduced for the European market. All the products under this brand: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, hard and soft margarines and sunflower oil will be sold only at foreign markets.

№35 Company: «Agrex»

Owner: Oleg Ilyashenko

Export amount: $40.8 million

Segment: oil

The business of «Agrex» had a great challenge, the company’s main production facility – «Svatovskoe Maslo» plant, is located in the territory of ATO, in Svatovo, Lugansk region. The sunflower oil and seed cake producing enterprise was partially damaged during the military actions. Last September after the plant was repaired, it continued to work. This marketing year it is planned that the enterprise will process 160 000 tons of sunflower.

The company also built a waste storage with the capacity of 230 tons. In future «Agrex» plans to produce bottled vegetable oil for domestic and foreign markets. The biggest part of its products, the company exports to the European Union, China, India, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The company also works with Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

№36 Company: «Terra Food»

Owner: Stanislav Voytovich

Export amount: $33.2 million

Segment: dairy products

The company is one of the biggest Ukrainian manufacturers and exporters of dairy products. «Terra Food» owns 19 milk processing facilities, including nine plants with the total capacity of 300 000 tons of products annually. The company manufactures cheese, packed butter, spread, cream, yogurts and milk. «Terra Food» exports its dairy products to more than 40 countries, in particular: the USA, Egypt, Georgia and North Korea.

The company has nine official distributors at the key markets and a representative office in Jordan. It was opened in 2008 in Amman and is an active player at the Persian Gulf and Northern Africa markets. Last year «Terra Food» got the permission to export dry demineralised whey to China. The company exports spreads under the trade mark Ukrainian Glory to the Near East and North Africa countries. It is planned that not less than one third of all company’s products will be exported.

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