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The II International Conference GRAIN UKRAINE will be held On July 7th and 8th in Odessa


Vladimir Omelyan, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine:

“GRAIN UKRAINE is a platform that unites the key players of the land and agricultural products market from around the world. This is a field of new ideas where future large international projects are born thus bringing profits to the business, and enabling the state in development of the economy, new technologies and capacities. The fact that GRAIN UKRAINE is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine symbolizes that the success is possible only if the agrarian and transport sectors work together. The land market reform will put new issues actual to the transport industry. And we have to elaborate answers together, including during the GRAIN UKRAINE sections; discussions”.

Andrey Stavnitser, CEO of “TIS”, Head of the GRAIN UKRAINE Conference Organizing Committee, Ukraine:

“We’ve worked hard to attract international speakers and show where we are as an agricultural state and where we are going. One of our main messages — learning, innovation and moving forward. Also important conclusion of contracts for grain trade for the next year”.

Sevki Acuner, Director of the EBRD Office in Ukraine, UK:

“The EBRD is major financier of agribusiness projects in Ukraine. In this respect our participation at Grain Ukraine 2017 is a logical way to continue our dialogue with the regulators and keysector players. It is aimed at the increase of Ukraine’s global competitiveness and the improvement of its long-term sustainability”.

Ivan Miroshnichenko, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Parliamentary Committee for Agrarian Policy and Land Relations:

“GRAIN UKRAINE is a conference that has good opportunities for its diversification: it chose the hottest and most relevant topics of the season. The land issue is the key issue 2017, which must be resolved in order for Ukraine could enterprise a rapid leap forward. It’s great that there appeared a conference for agrarian market players, which helps to give acceleration to the weighted issues of the land market. Also, on the eve of the new agrarian season, we will be able to discuss issues of tax changes, the situation with VAT refunds, the agro-industrial complex support programs state and prospects, the general macroeconomic situation. See you at the conference”.

Vladislav Vinyarskij, Deputy Director General for Strategy and Development of the UkrAgroCom Group of Companies, Ukraine:

“I think that today we have a true alternative to Global Grain, namely the GRAIN UKRAINE conference, which is not inferior either in terms of the level nor of participants engaged, so thanks to such important events, Ukraine confirms the status of the Gold Supplier on the global market”.

Sergiy Fursa, Specialist of sales of debt securities, Dragon capital, Ukraine:

“The participation in the GRAIN UKRAINE conference embodies an opportunity to contribute to the financial literacy of the population and to stimulate further reforms in Ukraine”.starsUKR_ENG-24

Tamas Benko, Head of corn trading in Europe & Africa, Cargill International SA, Switzerland:

“Grain Ukraine is a unique forum in a sense that it focuses specifically on grain production, distribution and consumption and address these aspects on a professional level. Besides, the

conference is full of interesting events, allowing plenty of opportunities to make new business connections, refresh the old ones and gain new and valuable business insights”.

Damien Plan, Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development at European Commission, Belgium:

“Ukraine is a big player on the global grains market and a key trade partner for the EU. Participating to International conference GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is therefore of added-value for the European Commission Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development”.

David Hightower, President of The Hightower Report, co-founder of Chicago Hedge Partners, USA:

“I have been to “hundreds” of Grain Conferences in my 34 years in Commodities and I found the 2016 Conference in Odessa to be extremely informative and very useful to my business. Furthermore, given the diversity, knowledge level and sheer numbers of the attendees I also found networking opportunities to be very rewarding. Given the growing global importance of Ukrainian grain production and exports and the strategic geographical location of this conference I suspect that players from around the world will attend upcoming events. With Conference Grain Ukraine there is now a way to tap into the “Real-on-the-ground situation” throughout the entire grain production to export process in the Ukraine. Therefore, I think this conference will grow in the years ahead and that in turn will increase the breadth of information and networking opportunities at the event”.starsUKR_ENG-25

Jeffery Xu, General Manager at Overseas China Investment Limited, China:

“Grain Ukraine is not only creating and strengthening business connections, sharing market insights, but also giving you better understanding about Ukraine as a growing grain exporter. More business, more understanding, a more peaceful world”.

Olivier Bouillet, General Director of Agritel International, France:

“During a short period of time, Grain Ukraine gained recognition and popularity among a lot of market players. What is the reason for that? Why the conference became so popular? The explanation for that is that it was made with soul, everything is very well thought out and planned. We are glad to participate at this massive event this year also”.

Cedric Germann, Managing Partner at EUROP Insurance Brokers, Belgium:

“Great initiative to organize such an event in one of the key regions for agriculture and trading in Ukraine”.

Let we recall, GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 is supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The conference organizer is “TIS”, Mr. Andrey Stavnitser is the conference organizing committee head. The special sponsor of GRAIN UKRAINE 2017 conference is Ag Growth International (AGI), the conference 2nd day sponsor is RISOIL S.A., the Gala Event Night sponsor is GSI; official sponsors are CIS Commodity Inspection Services, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, SD Capital and Alebor Group. Conference special partner is Cargill Inc.

Now the GRAIN UKRAINE organizing committee announced sale of the last 50 tickets for the conference and launched the promo code “LC”, which allows to save considerably on the ticket price. So, thanks to the “LC” code the conference ticket can be purchased not for 20 000 UAH, but for 15 000 UAH. Succeed to join the best!

More details about GU 2017, speakers and the topics of their speeches can be found on the conference website grain-ukraine.com

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