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The rating of 35 largest alcohol producers in Ukraine: about money earned against all odds

The rating of the largest alcohol companies made by Landlord magazine is an experiment. We observed what happened to a once stable and rapidly growing market, which got a series of powerful strokes for the last two years. We were focused not only on money but on the defense mechanisms developed by the key players on the market during these years.

Some cases deserve not only the description in the rating or a magazine article, but some chapters in anti-crisis management textbook. While making up the rating we did not invent special formulas. We just ranged the companies according to their revenue in 2014 (we did not have more recent data at the moment the rating was made).

The results of 2015 are going to be even more frustrating for some companies. There are some reasons for this. In 2014 the companies’ revenue was affected mostly by the loss of the markets and the companies’ facilities due to Crimea annexation and the war in the East of Ukraine, whereas in 2015 and 2016 the tax pressure will be the main factor of influence. Last summer there was another excise increase. The officials of the industry consider it to be a necessary step due to the local currency devaluation, though the manufactures feel no relief in the situation. The beer market expert Igor Tovkach gives the following numbers: for 10 months of 2015 the production of beer has been shortened by 20.6%, vodka by 16.7%. Compared to pre-crises 2008, the industry production fell by 40%. And it is just the beginning.

The government does not plan to stop. The next excise increase is following. It will be doubled for beer and increased by 50% for vodka.

Alcohol companies do not panic. They are successfully searching for the new marketing channels for their products and make the products range wider. For instance, the leader of the rating, alcohol holding “Global Spirits” put China and Thailand on their sales map in 2014. “Bayadera” company in 2015 introduced to the market their own trademarks of rum and gin, which can become a good alternative for more expensive imported products. Number three in the rating, the brewing company “Obolon” previously selling around 10% of their products to Russia changed their direction towards China.

In 2015 “Shabo” company started the export of its products to the USA. The first national winemaking holding plans to enter the markets of Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and to increase the sales in China and Germany. If they are lucky enough, this decision will save their business. Last year the market was shocked by the proposal to increase the license tax for wine production by five times up to UAH 2.5 million.

The companies producing authorial wine were the least lucky. They have much smaller production volumes and revenues than the holdings, which produce wine in much bigger scales. They have two variants: to pay for the license equally with big manufacturers, giving away nearly everything they earn or to devise other ways around for selling their products. In Ukraine only 40 big companies can afford making and bottling their own wine, while in France and Italy the number of small wineries is counted by tens of thousands. “In those countries everyone who owns a vineyard has a right to make and bottle the wine”, says Ivan Plachkov, the owner of “Kolonist” plant.

In this Landlord issue we tried to highlight all the peculiarities, issues and development aspects of the Ukrainian market of alcohol. Besides the rating, in this issue of the magazine you will find current analytics and infographics. You can also read some interesting stories about Ukrainian wine-makers. We hope that in a year, working at the next rating of the largest alcohol manufactures we will have the articles about grows and success but not about failure and decline. Considering the tendencies the hope is very little.

№ 1 Global Spirits

Revenue: UAH 5.908 billion

Owner: Evgeniy Chernyak

IMG_7573The owner of alcohol holding company Global Spirits says that he always makes life a little adventure. Even though he lives in the USA, his priorities did not change: “to do business honestly, to pay people high salaries in time and to try to insure people from rash actions”. Chernyak does not break into politics. He prefers to remain who is – an entrepreneur, developing his business and he is doing that very well. Global Spirit Company is one of the leaders at Ukrainian alcohol market. Ukrainian economic crisis has not affected greatly the production volume and the company’s sales. Chernyak exports his products actively. Company’s sales in 87 countries bring Global Spirits up to 70% of the annual income. The company’s share of Ukrainian strong alcohol market is 26.1%. Due to Crimea annexation the production of wine brand “Oreanda” had to be moved to Odessa Cognac Factory. At the same time Chernyak’s business “Crimean Wine House” in Feodosia continues working. This year the company has started to bottle vodka brand “Khortytsa” in Belarus, at Homelsky distillery “Radamir” facilities. The company plans to get 5%-7% of Belarus alcohol market.

Five facts about the company:

1. Global Spirits is the only Ukrainian alcohol company, which produces vodka with their own brand in the USA. Since 2013 vodka “Leaf” has been produced at TDC factory in Michigan.
2. In the British magazine “Drinks International” rating “Khortytsa” got the 28th place of sales amount worldwide in 2015 (7.1 million cases, 1 case is 9 liters). “Khortytsa” is on the top of Regional Vodkas category, so it is №1 Ukrainian vodka in the world by its sales volume. The sales of this vodka brand rose by 11% in 2014.
3. Company´s products are exported to 87 countries. Their alcohol drinks were introduced in China and Thailand last year.
4. The holding company produces vodka with “Russian Sever” brand in Russia. They also export products to Russia from Ukraine. The Russian market company´s share is around 6%.
5. The manufacturing capacities of “Khortytsa” distillery allow producing 16 bottles of vodka per second. The total alcohol cellar volume of the plant is 1000 000 liters.

№ 2  Bayadera

Revenue: UAH 4.958 billion

Owner: Natalia Bondareva

Natalia_BondarevaNatalia Bondareva has been running the company “Bayadera” for 3 years. She is company´s founder Olga Nechytailo-Ridzhok´s sister. Natalia continues to develop the business with the same speed as Olga. She is very successful. Her company became the leader of the production volume in Ukraine. The company got 26.8 % Ukrainian vodka market share in 2014. In this segment “Bayadera” succeed to take over their main competitor “Global Spirits” company, owned by Evgeniy Chernyak. “Marengo” champagne sales are on the 2nd place on the sparkling wine market. “Bayadera” also imports world-known alcohol brands. Their market share is around 15% of all strong alcohol import. To expand their business on Russian market, “Bayadera” bought the “Velikoustyugskiy Distillery” in the beginning of 2015. Vodkas “Celsiy” and “Perepelka” will be produced there. The company has the licensed production of vodka “Hlebniy Dar” in Belarus. Bondareva is sure that the company’s trademarks will become the leaders of sale in Russia. A new CEO of “Bayadera” is Sergej Velichko, who is the ex-director of “Global Spirits”. So a great struggle between vodka giants is ahead.

Five facts about the company:

1. “Bayadera” products are actively exported to more than 40 countries.
2. In 2015 new gin and rum trademarks: “Real Rum” and “Genuine Gin” were presented. It is expected that by the end of 2016 each of them will have had 50% in the “value for money” segment.
3. 10 000 tons of grapes were processed by the “Koblevo” wine enterprise in 2014. The company bottled 8 million of varietal and 2.9 million of fortified wine. The company’s vineyard area is 25 000 hectares.
4. In 2014 “Bayadera” started to produce cognac. They are going to invest UAH15-20 million to this kind of production development in 2015.
5. In the British magazine “Drinks International” rating “ Bayadera “ got the 31st place of sales amount worldwide in 2015 (6.6 million cases, 1 case is 9 liters). 

№ 3 Obolon

Revenue: UAH 4.074 billion

Owner: Alexandr Slobodyan

OBO_3863Obolon is the only Eastern European Company in the top 40 largest beer producers (31st place in the list). There are mostly transnational giants from Western Europe, Asia and the USA in the ratings. Last year the corporation produced 7.4 hectoliters of beer that is 0.4% of global production of the drink. “Obolon” products are exported to more than 50 countries. Last year was not very successful for the business. Due to the alcoholic drinks export ban in Russia the company’s loss was more than UAH 500000. To compensate it, “Obolon” started to work in new market segments. They started to produce cider, extended the snacks production and began malt export program. To keep their position on the Russian market, the company cooperated with Russian factory in summer 2015. Beer “Obolon” will be produced by Moscow brewery which is the part of multinational “Oasis” holding. Plants in Sevastopol became one of the main problems for the corporation after Crimean annexation. The company cannot produce drinks there due to the problems with raw materials delivery from Ukraine. “Obolon” is developing its own retail chain, which has more than 20 shops in different Ukrainian cities. Alexander Slobodyan has been the president of brewery giant for more than 20 years. He is a minor shareholder with only 10% of shares. The rest of the shares belong to the company employees.

Five facts about the company:

1. “Obolon” is exporting beer to 50 countries. Two thirds of Ukrainian beer, sold on foreign markets is produced by “Obolon”. The company started to supply beer to China in 2015.
2. The corporation is the only Ukrainian drinks manufacturer that processes the PET packaging.
3. The beer production capacity of the company is 12 million hectoliters annually. “Obolon” is considered to be one of the largest brewery companies in Europe.
4. “Obolon” owns three agrarian companies with 17 000 hectares of agricultural lands. The company invested $100 million in a malt-processing plant. They grow barley and other crops.
5. Before the Ukrainian beer export ban in Russia the company’s share in Russian export of beer was more than 50%.

№ 4 Carlsberg Ukraine

Revenue: UAH 3.464 billion

Owner: “Carlsberg Breweries A/S”

press.carlsbergukraineCarlsberg Ukraine belongs to Danish brewery concern “Carlsberg Group”. The enterprise is one of the largest players in the world beer market, with the 6% share. 3 breweries in Ukraine belong to the company: in Zaporozhye, Kiev and Lvov. The “Carlsberg Group” founder, Jacob Jacobsen was a friend of a famous storyteller Christian Andersen. Jacob Jacobsen’s son, Carl Jacobsen presented to Copenhagen one of the most famous symbols of Denmark, a bronze mermaid, a character from a famous fairytale by Christian Andersen. “Carlsberg Ukraine” managed to save its last year position on Ukrainian market with 27.9% market share. They also increased the cider segment share by 2.4% to 78.5%. Due to the tough economic situation in Ukraine and the excise tax increase by 42.5%, the company’s sales fell by 6.5% last year comparing to 2013. As a result, “Carlsberg Ukraine” had to raise the prices for their products by 20%.

Five facts about the company:

1. The total production capacity of all three Carlsberg Ukraine plants is 111.1 million dekaliters of beer annually.
2. The production of beer has 96%, cider has 2%, and soft drinks have about 2% in the company’s production volume.
3. The company opened the first Ukrainian beer brewery museum in Lvov in 2005.
4. In 2014 Carlsberg Ukraine took the 14th position in 100 top Ukrainian taxpayers. They became the leaders among the brewery industry companies.
5. Carlsberg Ukraine invested $68 million to the construction of Kiev brewery factory.

№ 5 SUN InBev Ukraine

Revenue: UAH 3.317 billion

Owner: “Anheuser-Busch InBev”
Stella_Artois_brewery_LeuvenThe world’s largest beer manufacturer” Ab InBev” (Belgium) announced in October that it will merger with its main competitor British “SABMiller” company. The negotiations on this lasted for almost 5 years. This deal became the largest one on the beer brewery market. “SABMiller” was evaluated by $104 billion. Every third bottle of beer in the world will be produced by the united company. At the same time, the business of “SUN InBev” Ukrainian subsidiary was not very successful in 2014. The company’s loss in Ukraine was $400 million. Due to the Crimea annexation and the ban to supply company’s products to the peninsula, they lost around 7% of sales volume. “For a huge company like “AB InBev”, Ukrainian limited production volume does not make good business. They may leave our market, as it happened in Russia, not to spoil the general image with the local issues”, claims Igor Tovkach, the beer market expert. The head of the company, Denis Hrenov has recently informed in one of his interviews that there are no intentions to close the plants, though some production facilities are idle and annual production volume is continuously falling. The company is expanding the products variety. They started selling lite beer “Corona Extra” in Ukraine. This brand became a part of “AB InBev” portfolio after the parent group had bought the Mexican beer manufacturer “Grupo Modelo”.

Five facts about the company:

1. In Ukraine there are three factories that belong to the company, in Chernigov, Nikolaev and Kharkov.
2. “SUN InBev Ukraine” was formed in 2006, when three beer enterprises “Desna”, “Rogan” and “Yantar” united.
3. “SUN InBev Ukraine” had more than 31% of the domestic beer market in 2014.
4. In 2014 company’s production volume fell by 13%, to 61 million dekaliters.
5. The company is one of the largest Ukrainian importers. They supply Ukrainian market with such brands of beer as “Leff”, “Spaten” and “Hoegaarden”.

№ 6 Nemiroff

Revenue: UAH 1.949 billion

Owner: Yakov Gribov, Anotoliy Kipish, Stepan Glus

This autumn London court has resolved the 4-year “Nemiroff” plant conflict. One of the shareholders Stepan Glus (he owns 25% of shares) litigated his right to control the enterprise with two other shareholders Anotoliy Kipish and Yakov Gribov (they own 75% of shares). “London Judicial Authorities finished the argument. All the Gluses’ claims towards other shareholders were dismissed. The arguments are over,” informed the representative of “Nemiroff”. Despite the long judicial process the company continued to develop. Its market share has risen by 1% up to 13.6% this year. They have been exporting their products for a long time. “Nemiroff” products can be bought in 80 countries of the world. “50% of all Ukrainian vodka, sold abroad comes from “Nemiroff” plants. According to the Ukrspirt’s data every second bottle of export vodka is ours,” says the representative of the company. The main production facilities of this vodka manufacturer are located in Nemirov, a town in Vinnitsa region. The name of the brand was taken from this place. The company also has the certified production in Russia and Belarus.

№ 7 Eastern Beverage Trading Ukraine

Revenue: UAH 1.438 billion

Owner: Nil Smith

Investment Company “Eastern Beverage Company S.A.” owned by Nil Smith, possesses “Crimean Vodka Company” (CVC) and “Koktebel” plant. After Crimea annexation they had to move the production from the peninsular to the competitors’ plants. Vodka is produced at “Prime” enterprises, owned by Pavel Klimets, and at “Khortytsa” plants, owned by Evgeniy Chernyak. Cognac “Koktebel” is manufactured at “Odessa Cognac Plant” while low-alcoholic drinks “LONGmixER” are made at “Nemiroff” facilities. In 2015 “CVC” plans to produce as much strong alcohol as in 2014, 3.7 million dekaliters. The company’s factories in Crimea are still working. In particular, “Crimean Vodka Company” is still producing wine at “Koktebel” plant. However the enterprise may have a new owner soon. Now it belongs to “Eastern Beverage Trading Ukraine” on the rights of rent. The Crimean new government has some ideas about the new owner for the famous wine producing facilities. It may be Russian “Gatchin Distillery”. It is still not clear what exactly will be produced at “Koktebel” plant by Russian manufactures. All wine and cognac trademarks of “Koktebel” are owned by “CVC” that is by Nil Smith.

№8 Efes Ukraine

Revenue: UAH 1.11 billion

Owner: “Efes Breweries International N.V.”

In 2014 “Efes Ukraine” had a lot of challenges. The company’s plant, which is located in Donetsk had to be stopped after the military actions is the region had started. During the year the company’s market share has decreased nearly twice due to the production facilities issues and its products disappearing from the shops. The “Efes Ukraine” company’s loss in 2014 was $1 billion. Nevertheless the company doesn’t think of leaving the Ukrainian market. “I don’t think that “Efes” will quit”, says Igor Tovkach, the beer market expert. “The company was doing well before the ATO. Its brands were quite strong.” “Efes Ukraine” doesn’t want to lose its customers so they started importing to Ukraine the brands which they produce in other countries. For example, they bring from Moldova brewed in Kishinev “Beliy Medved”, “Beliy Medved Zhyvoy” and “Kruzhka Svizhogo”. They also import “Genuine Draft” which is produced at the “Efes Group” enterprises in Turkey. The company is considering the possibility of the other Ukrainian plants facilities’ lease.

№ 9 New Products

Revenue: UAH 1.071billion

Owner: Viktor Gordeyev, Genadiy Nevesenko

The co-owners of the companies group “New Products” Viktor Gordeyev and Genadiy Nevesenko came to the alcohol business in 2000, having started the company “Alcotrade”. It produced vodka “Stariy Druzhe”. They created their first low-alcohol drink “Shake” in 2003 to compensate the seasonal vodka sales reduction. That year the partners established the “New Products” company. The low-alcohol drink “Shake” was a success, its sales doubled just in a year. Nowadays the companies group is the largest low-alcohol and energy drinks producer, their market share is 37.9%. The company sales fell by 6% to 9.16 million dekaliters in 2014. Despite this “New Products” is developing and exploring new segments of the market. Recently the company has launched the production of fruit-nuts bars with a trademark “EatMe” and popcorn. They export their products to 15 countries, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy and China. In 2015 the company plans to increase its export up to 16.9% comparing to 2.9% last year.

№10 Olymp

Revenue: UAH 1.029 billion

Owner: Pavel Klimets

Year 2014 brought a real challenge for Donetsk businessman Pavel Klimets. Due to the conflict in Donbas he lost his plant “Lik”. The entrepreneur claims it is controlled by the occupied territory’s authorities. In addition Klimet`s business also suffered in annexed Crimea. “The control over the Crimean wine and cognac factory “Bakhchysaray” was given to the investment bank with Russian share”, tells the businessman. The company’s production fell by 20% last year. The main enterprises of the company “Olymp” are now located in Kharkov region: the distillery “PRIME”, a packaging factory, a glass manufacturing factory and a plant of complex and deep grain processing. Wine and cognac under the trade brand “Bakhchysaray” are bottled at the competitor’s facilities “Odessavinprom” and “Tavria”. Wine sales of the company were managed to increase to the level of 2013, however cognac sales fell by 50% and vodka sales by 6%. The businessman considers that the main reasons of the sales decrease are the cognac price increase and the loss of Donetsk and Lugansk markets – the main sale regions.

№ 11 First Private Brewery

Revenue: UAH 1 billion

Owner: Andriy Matsola

First Private Brewery was established in 2004 by the family of entrepreneur Andriy Matsola. It is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2012 it merged with the company “Radomyshl” (owned by the international company “Oasis CIS”). As a result the merged brewing companies manage two plants: in Lvov and Radomyshl (Zhytomyr region), and the total capacity of these enterprises is 20 million deciliters of beer annually. However they do not work at full capacity. For the last three years the plants have been brewing up to 15 million deciliters of beer. In 2014 “First Private Brewery” increased its market share by 1.9%, to 8.7% in comparison with 2013. The key shareholder of the company is still its founder Andriy Matsola, who owns 46.72% of the shares. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is the second largest shareholder.

№12 Shabo

Revenue: UAH 665 million

Owner: Vazha Iukuridze

Vazha Iukuridze became the chairman of “Shabo” company in 2003. He had turned the loss-making enterprise into one of the market leaders in 12 years. In 2014 “Shabo” alcohol products sales increased by 13% and its market share was 5%. The company produces white and red dry, semi-sweet, sparkling wines, sherry and cognac. Extra-dry sparkling wine and cognac are produced with a traditional technology. Wine is held in wine cellars in Limousin oak barrels. Last season the company managed to gather a record grapes harvest, more than 7.500 tons. During Perestroika and anti-alcoholism campaign in the USSR “Shabo” managed to preserve old grape vines, getting rid only of the worthless and degenerated ones. “Wine Culture Center Shabo” was included to the European wine museums map. This year the company has started to export products to the USA.

№13 First National Winemaking Holding

Revenue: UAH 593 million

Owner: Valery Shamotiy

The house of vintage cognacs “Tavria” (Nova Kahovka, Kherson region) owned by Dnepropetrovsk businessman Valery Shamotiy has the same latitude position as the famous town of Cognac in France. Last year “Tavria” demonstrated record 53% cognac production growth, thus becoming the second largest in this segment. “Inkerman” Plant of Fine Wines is not so successful. Due to the annexation of Crimean, one of the largest wine producers reduced its capacity almost by half. Nowadays its products are sold in Crimea and Russia. The company bottles its wines for Ukrainian market at the competitors’ plants in Odessa. “First National Winemaking Holding” exports approximately 10% of its products to different countries, including the USA, Canada and Spain. It is also planning to enter East Asian markets: Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and increase sales in China and Germany. The company has introduced about 20 new alcohol beverages to the market this year. At present it is working on creating Japanese type of wine and organic eco-wines.

№ 14 Alef-Vinal

Revenue: UAH 564 million

Owner: Vadym Ermolayev

Building a wine factory in Synelnikovo, Dnepropetrovsk region, not in the traditional wine-making regions – Crimea, Odessa, Kherson, considered being a failure of its owner, the businessman from Dnepropetrovsk Vadym Ermolayev. Nowadays four out of five enterprises of one of the largest Ukrainian wine producer “Alef-Vinal” company are in annexed Crimea. The company’s vineyards with the area of about 3800ha are also located on the peninsula. One of the most non-public entrepreneurs of Ukraine does not comment on how his plants are now operating there. Last year Ermolayev`s company loss was UAH 1.3 billion. Before the crisis the “Alef-Vinal” company was producing more than 31 million bottles. In ten years the production volume grew by four times. The company continues to develop new products. This year the world’s first kosher cognac “Kogan” was introduced to the market. This beverage got its name from the name of the ancient Jewish family, which was researching Jewish traditions and kashrut principles for seven generations.

№15 Alcohol division of the holding company Petrus

Revenue: UAH 412 million

Owner: Ludmyla Rusalyna, Lydiya Petrenko

Zolotonosha distillery “Zlatogor” (Cherkassy region) is a part of alcohol section of the holding company “Petrus”. It is one of the oldest enterprises of the alcohol beverages industry. It produces about 50 types of alcohol beverages: vodka, bitters, infused vodkas, liqueurs. The owners of “Petrus” invested more than EUR 2 million in its development. The company bought “Luzhanskiy” distillery in Chernovtsy region in order to “build strength” explained co-owner Ludmyla Rusalyna. This new plant helped to double the alcohol production, up to 10 million bottles annually; moreover the distribution expenses were cut. The company is exporting actively to different countries, including EU countries. “Kremenchug” distillery produces fruit vodkas. “Petrus” also imports cognacs and cognac blends from France to Ukraine.

№16 Scientific Production Enterprise Niva

Revenue: UAH 317 million

Owner: “Albion Capital Limited”

Thair wine factory “Niva” was founded on the winery “Tairovskoe” base in Odessa region in 1991. There is a famous Tairov Wine Making and Wine Growing Institute nearby. The enterprise produces still and sparkling wines, vermouth. The company prefers to work with its own wine base. Its vineyards extend over the area of about 2500ha. They are located on the shores of the Dnestr and the Dnepr-Bug estuaries in Odessa and Nikolaev regions. “Niva” grows such grape varieties as Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Riesling, Saperavi, Muscat Ottonel and Traminer. It is the only plant in Ukraine which uses cold process bottling. For instance, during the bottling of champagne, its temperature is about 0 degrees Celsius. The company exports its products to many countries. They have offices in Singapore and Vietnam. The company is negotiating the wine supply to Nigeria.

№17 Lvov Distillery

Revenue: UAH 277 million

Owner: Ivan Ohabskiy

Lvov Distillery is the largest producer of strong alcoholic spirits in western Ukraine with its annual capacity of 4.8 million dekaliters. Its owner Ivan Ohabskiy has been working at this enterprise for his whole life. He started his career as an engineer in the 1970s. He became the head of the factory in 1997 and then purchased 99% of the enterprise shares from State Property Fund in the 2000s. Despite challenging economic situation in the country “Lvov Distillery” managed to maintain the products sales, they even increased the revenue by 2% last year in comparison with 2013. The company produces vodka under the trade mark “Lvivska horilka”, “Vozhak”, “Volodar”, “Galytska”, “Moskovska”, “Perfekt” and also infused vodkas, bitters, liqueurs. “Lvov Distillery” produces four varieties of vinegar, which they make on German technology. The sales of vinegar account for 4% of the enterprise total revenue. Ohabskiy is developing his own retail system. The company owns eight branded stores in Lvov, Ternopol and Chervonohrad.

№18 Artemovsk Winery

Revenue: UAH 270 million

Owner: Boris Kolesnikov, Sergey Kiy, Igor Ahmetov

The last two years were the most stressful for the company “Artemovsk Winery” in the entire period of its existence. The plant of the company was not damaged during the hostilities in the east of the country; however its loss was $6.7 million in 2014. The enterprise produces champagne with a traditional bottle technology. The production is located in 72 m deep underground gypsum tunnels where the temperature and humidity remains the same throughout the year. The plant is able to produce 25 million bottles of sparkling wine annually. “Artemovskoe” sparkling wine is successfully exported to more than 20 countries. At the same time “Artemovsk Winery” closed its representative office in Russia last year. The company has its own network of restaurants “Charte Bar”. The clients can taste there the assortment of the company’s sparkling wines along with still wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux. But due to the military actions in the east of the country, champagne bars in Donetsk and Mariupol had to be closed.

№19 Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines

Revenue: UAH 220 million

Owner: “Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei GmbH”

International Corporation “Henkell & Co” possesses enterprises manufacturing sparkling wine, still wines and strong alcoholic spirits in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and other EU countries. After “Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines” had been purchased by “Henkell & Co” in 2007 the business became more successful. New owners invested UAH 50 million in the facilities. The famous “Sovetskoye Shampanskoye” remains the main brand of the company, which accounts for over 60% of the total capacity of the plant. However in the coming year “Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines” will be forced to change the product’s name because of the law prohibiting Communist symbols. In 2014 the enterprise managed to increase the production by 1.3%, to 10.9 million bottles. Sparkling wines at this plant are produced with the usage of repetitive champagne-bulk process, when the procedure of second fermentation takes place in big tanks. The company sells its products mainly on the domestic market.

№20 Uzhgorod Cognac Distillery

Revenue: UAH 180 million

Owner: Vladymyr Hisem

Uzhgorod Cognac Distillery is one of the largest producers of Ukrainian cognac, which market share is about 7%. Vintage cognacs “Uzhorod”, “Karpaty”, “Tysa” and ordinary “Zakarpatskiy”, “5 zirok”, “3 zirky’’, ’’Nevytskiy Zamok’’, “Beskydy’’ are well-known in all regions of the country. The owner of the enterprise, Vladymyr Hisem has been the head of the plant for about 35 years. “Uzhgorod Distillery” specializes in the production of 3 to 12 years seasoned cognac. Alcohol is aging in oak barrels. “Ukrainian cognac has its own taste and is not worse in its quality than cognac in other countries. Ukrainian cognac is distinguished by richer, more diverse taste and aroma if compared with French, Armenian or Moldavian cognacs.’’ claims Vladymyr Hisem. The company possesses its own retail network, including 14 stores in Zakarpattya, Lvov and Kiev regions.

№21 Odessawinprom

Revenue: UAH 173 million

Owner: Ruben and Robert Guliev, Vladymyr Maslenkov

Odessawinprom became the first winery in Ukraine which implemented French system of wine origin and quality control. The plants of “Odessawinprom” use cold wine bottling process. Several companies started to bottle their products at Gulievs` plants last year, including “Bayadera”, “Olymp” and “Inkerman’’. As a result “Odessawinprom” managed to increase its production in 2.5 times. Previously sparkling wines accounted for 90% of the total production of the company, however today the situation has changed. “Marengo” is bottled by “Bayadera”, wines with the trade mark ’’Bahchysaray” are bottled by “Olymp”, still and sparkling wines of the trade mark “Inkerman” are bottled by “Inkerman” company. “Odessawinprom” produces about 100 kinds of wine, champagne and cognac. The Gulievs are making their authentic wine from the grapes they grow. The company possesses more than 2500 ha of vineyards in Odessa region.

№22 Poltavpivo

Revenue: UAH 161 million

Owner: “Stavropol Brewery”

Stavropol Brewery became the owner of “Poltavpivo” in 2008. They purchased the enterprise from the “Sarmat” company, owned by Rinat Ahmetov. A new owner carried out complete reorganization and modernization of the production process. All beer varieties and non-alcoholic beverages were incorporated under a single brand “Poltava”. It was decided to focus on the production of beer. This beverage accounted for 92.5% of the company’s sales last year. Ukrainian brewery industry decline did not interfere with company’s 42% sales of beer increase in 2004. At present 14 varieties of beer are produced at the plant, including “Dykanskie Vechera”, “Anton Grubi”, “Zhygulevskoe” and “Rigos”. Last year “Poltavpivo” started producing beer “Dizhka”. The enterprise in Poltava produces the same varieties of carbonized soft drinks as “Stavropol Brewery”: “LymonadoVo”, “Tarhun”, “Mohyto”, “Tyotya Grusha”. These soft drinks account for 5.2% of the company sales, and kvass “Gubernskiy” accounts for 2.3%of the sales.

№23 Zhytomyr Distillery

Revenue: UAH 154 million

Owner: Government holding

State company “Zhytomyr Distillery” is famous for its elite-class vodka “Presidentskiy Standart”. It is served at the President’s official receptions. At present the enterprise is run by the State Office for President’s Affairs. “Zhytomyr Distillery” is a full-cycle enterprise. The company grows grain for the production, produces vodka and bottles it. To cover all the processes, new equipment was installed at the plant. Its market share is 3%. “Zhytomyr Distillery” production is well-known outside Ukraine. Its vodka is exported to the USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Vietnam, the Baltic countries. In 2014 this enterprise appeared in the center of the scandal caused by the rumors of its eventual privatization. The privatization process had to be held up due to the employees’ discontent.

№24 Tsuryupinskoe

Revenue: UAH 138 million

Owner: “Asset Management Union”, Nickolay Lopatyuk, Sergey Bobrovskiy

The company “Tsuryupinskoe” was established on the former state farm facilities and deals with primary and secondary wine production. The enterprise produces 17 kinds of wine. All company products are sold on the domestic market. This company’s wines and cognac are sold in all regions of Ukraine. The enterprise is developing without loans. Even though such model does not allow active development, it helps the company to remain stable and not to be affected by the currency exchange rates. In the nearest future “Tsuryupinskoe” is going to invest in the winemaking shop modernization. The company produces ordinary 3, 4, 5 years seasoned cognac. It uses wine base produced from European grape varieties. “Tsuryupinskoe” is cultivating its own 768 ha vineries in Herson region. This area is considered to be the most ecologically clean region in the country.

№25 Cotnar

Revenue: UAH 94 million

Owners: Chaba Paiter, Igor Homyuk

Almost 20 years ago a Hungarian Chaba Paiter purchased a cannery situated in Beregovo, Zakarpatskyi region. It was one of the leaders of Ukrainian food industry. In addition to the canned goods, the new owner began producing wine and juices. The company built a winery of a full-cycle production and planted about 200 hectares of vineyards. “Cotnar” is able to produce 35 million bottles of wine per year. Initially, the company produced low-cost wines, mainly sweet and blended. However, in 2014 a Hungarian Vints Beil was appointed to the position of a chief winemaker at “Cotnar”. The company is now actively engaged in the production of premium class wines such as Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay. Besides “Cotnar” has offered to buyers a sweet plum wine “Candy Umeshu” made according to the traditional Far Eastern recipe. The wines by the company are sold in all the major store chains of the country, particularly in “Auchan”, “ATB”, “Silpo”.

№26 Gorobina

Revenue: UAH 86 million

Owners: Sergey Lukyanov

The company “Gorobina” was established in 2001 on the basis of “Sumy Distillery”. The company manufactures all its products from so-called structured water which is also known as melt water. The system of nine-step filtration with semi-precious stones and minerals is used to purify the mixture of alcohol and water. More than 30 kinds of alcoholic beverages including vodka, bitters, infused vodkas, liqueur vermouths with cognac are produced at the factory of the company. “Gorobina” regularly expands the range of its products. In 2015 it launched the production of five new vermouths. The infused vodka “Spirits of the Tsars” was developed specially for the American market. The company is also negotiating for entering the Vietnamese market. In the near future, “Gorobina” is going to offer kvass, produced using the melt water technology to Ukrainian consumers.

№27 Galicia Distillery

Revenue: UAH 81 million

Owner: “W & S Distillery Limited”

This enterprise from Ternopil region, owned by the British company “W & S Distillery Limited” is known in Ukraine for “Greenwich”, “Buchach” and “Renuage” cognacs. All the equipment necessary for grape alcohol distillation and production of cognac on a classic technology is installed at the factory. The company makes “Buchach” brand cognac from French cognac spirits. For other beverages production it buys wine materials of European grape varieties grown in Odessa region. All products of the company are traditionally aged in oak barrels. “Galicia Distillery” also produces wine on a classic French technology; the beverage is aged in oak barrels for at least three years. In 2014, the production of cognac at the company fell by 55.2% to 119 dekaliters in comparison to the previous year. The main reason was the decline in the consumer purchasing power and the increase in alcohol excise taxes by 50%.

№ 28 Mykulynetskyj Brovar

Revenue: UAH 75 million

Owner: Stepan Troyan

30 years ago, an alumnus of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute Stepan Troyan was getting ready to become the head of a Region Bureau of Public Roads. But the young specialist was sent to Mykulyntsi in Ternopil region to raise the local brewery. Today Mykuyintsi brewery is one of the five large producers of unpasteurized beer, which has been in great demand for a few last years. 26 sorts of beer are brewed at the factory, the half of which have no equivalents in Ukraine and are produced for special events. Ceramic bottles for such beverages are ordered in Scotland and Germany, and the painting is made by local craftsmen. The main customers are the tourists passing Mykulyntsi on their way to the EU. The factory produces about 1.4 million dekaliters of beer annually. Troyan’s company is the only brewery in Ukraine which produces its own brand of whiskey. Quality is controlled by the experts invited from Ireland and Germany. About 3.500 liters of malt whiskey are bottled in Mykulyntsi.

№29 Kotovsk Winery

Revenue: UAH 71 million

Owners: Vadim Alperin and Tatiana Alperina

Kotovsk Winery, owned by Odessa entrepreneurs Vadim Alperin and Tatiana Alperina has been on the market for about 15 years. In 2013 the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine fined the company UAH 300000 for not meeting the documents submission deadline. It seemed not to have affected company’s financial performance a lot. In past four years, the factory’s revenue has nearly tripled to UAH 70 million. The secret is in the high demand for its products. The plant produces not only sweet wines and “Madeira”, but also port wines”777″ and “333” familiar to the older generation. Alperin’s transport company “Maksan-Trans” helps him run the wine business. Its specialization is the transportation of container cargoes, international maritime shipping arrangements, customs clearance and cargoes certification. The transport fleet of the company comprises about 100 vehicles, including 40 trucks.

№30 Umanpivo

Revenue: UAH 69 million

Owners: Anatolyi Kisel & Family

Before 1997 the brewery “Umanpivo” was owned by the state and lost its position on the beer market. After the privatization the company was headed by the local businessman Anatoly Kisel. In 2009, the company purchased a German beer production line. The Ukrainians invited German brewer Christian Kuchniok to help with setting up the equipment. The company has spent 1.5 million euro on purchasing the equipment, its installation and construction work. The investments haven’t been in vain because now “Waissburg” beer brewed on German technology is one of the most popular company’s products. However, “Umanpivo” makes money not only with beer production. The company has arranged the export of malt, barley, grain and sunflower seeds to Moldova, Poland, Turkey and Bulgaria. In 2014 the company brought to the market beer “Uman Smoked”, which became its one more hit. Beer made from smoked malt is one of the best-selling products of the company. Now “Umanpivo” produces about 500 000 dekaliters of beer per year.

№31 Berdychiv Brewery

Revenue: UAH 58 million

Owner: Volodymyr and Alexandr Lypetskyi, Vitalyi Vereshchak

Berdychiv Brewery is the oldest brewery in Ukraine. The first beer was brewed here in the XIX century. It is not surprising that the company is run by an 80-year-old Leon Lipetsky, the oldest of Ukrainian brewers. He has little idea of marketing, but he brews excellent beer. They couch barley on the spot, use homegrown hops and pump water from their own artesian well. This allows the brewery to save on imported ingredients and preserve the original taste of the drink. The beer is not pasteurized in Berdychiv. Now Lypetsky’s brewery is the biggest producer of “live” beer in the country. The hey-day of “Berdychiv Brewery” came with the opening of the numerous “live” beer shops in Ukrainian cities in 2010. The first batch of Berdychiv beer which got to the capital’s market hardly reached 100 bottles. Now “Berdychiv Brewery” produces 12 their own varieties of “live” beer which are sold all over the country. Beer production rose by 50% to 1 million dekaliters.

№32 Riven LTD

Revenue: UAH 53 million

Owners: Marian Goda, Nadezhda Mymra

Rivne brewery “Riven” was built by Czech brewers in the middle of the XIX century. The company still brews beer according to the traditional Czech technology. For several years a Czech Przemysl Brosh has been a chief brewer of “Riven”. He had worked at the “Uman Brewery” for a couple of years as well as at Czech companies “Staropramen” and “Gambrinus”. According to the owner and the director of “Riven LTD” Marian Goda, his company produces non-pasteurized beer. Natural ingredients are used for beer production at the factory. For instance, Munich malt is bought from Germany to brew “Bergshloss Black”, honey and rice are used for the light beer production. In 2014 Rivne brewery produced more than 1 million dekaliters of the brew, and they are not going to reduce production volumes in the near future. In Rivne the company opened a couple of bars and a beer restaurant. Soon the company will have its own beer museum.

№33 Odessa Sparkling Wine Factory

Revenue: UAH 45 million

Owners: Dmitry Saifudinov, Alexey Biltyaev, Askold Koval, Sergey Chernenko

Odessa factory of sparkling wines has changed its owners several times in recent years. In 2009, the Italian company “Gruppo Campari” bought the factory for $18 million from the Cyprus Company “Tirepos Management”, which is owned by businessmen Alexander Granovsky and Boris Kaufman. However, the business was not very successful. For example, in 2013 the Odessa factory lost UAH27.3 million. Last year “Gruppo Campari” sold the plant to the wines importing company “Vinfort”. Last year the new owners invested about $1 million in the factory. “Domestic brand and a balanced portfolio of foreign brands guarantee the stability of the business,” says the co-owner of “Vinfort” Dmitry Saifudinov. In 2014, sparkling wines “Odessa” had 5.4% of the market, and this year the company expects to double its market share since the new owners have well-organized distribution network.

№34 Chernigov Vodka

Revenue: UAH 45 million

Owner: Gregory Zhigun

Chernigov Distillery “Chernigov vodka” is the only producer of spirits in Chernigov region. It got into the epicenter of a scandal in 2015. The anti-corruption organization reported that the plant was among the leading manufacturers of counterfeit spirits along with several other manufacturers. Nevertheless, the company continues to produce alcohol and the network of branded stores also works. Chernigov Distillery produces vodka, infused vodkas and bitters. The company is able to produce 4.3 million liters per year. For over eight years, part of the production has been exported to Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Britain, Australia and the United States. Since 2009, one of the shareholders of the Chernigov Distillery “Chernigov Vodka” has been Gregory Zhigun who has been running the Chernigov regional state association of alcohol industry since 2005.

№35 Absolute Standard

Revenue: UAH 43 million

Owner: Pavel Dubnevich, Roksolana Pirtko

The company has been producing alcoholic beverages since 2004. Now the factory, situated in town Gorodok in Lvov region produces more than 10 kinds of vodka and branded liqueurs. They bottle about 600 000 bottles of alcoholic beverages annually. In 2006 the enterprise was certified according to ISO quality management system. International certification allows the company to trade successfully on the foreign markets. Part of the production is exported to Italy. Over the last four years the revenue of “Absolute Standard” has almost doubled to UAH 43 million. The stability of the company guarantees the success of other businesses of its founder Yaroslav Dubnevich. The entrepreneur owns the agricultural company “Lvovskoe” which manages the largest elevator in the region. In addition, “Absolute Standard” beverages are sold well in the restaurants “Hrushevsky” and “Panska Charka” which also belong to the Dubnevichs family.

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