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The meeting on the Thames. The outcomes of the Tenth Ukrainian Investment Summit in London

To talk about the investment attractiveness of Ukraine in the current period, moreover speaking about it from the rostrum is very brave. The speakers of the Tenth Ukrainian Investment Summit coped with this challenge.

International two-day conference was held December, 7-8, 2015 in The Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London, on the bank of the Thames. The theme of the summit was: “The first wave of reforms – a platform for the economy development.”

Adam Smith Conferences Company, which was the organizer of the conference, managed to gather about a hundred prominent businessmen, government officials, bankers and foreign investors at the conference in the one of the most challenging periods for Ukraine. The investors asked the speakers a lot of tricky and inconvenient questions. But this only proved their interest in the Ukrainian market and in collaboration with companies working in it.

Among the speakers of the first section there were: business ombudsman in Ukraine Algirdas Šemeta, the head of Fitch Ratings in Europe, Africa and the Middle East Peter Archbold, the head of Economic Cooperation Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Alexander Danileiko. In the focus of the discussion about the evaluation of the business and investment environment in Ukraine, there was a question if Ukrainian economy needs to be stimulated more by foreign or domestic investors? Owing to this topic the audience was very much interested in first section of the conference. All speakers and participants, who made remarks from the audience, agreed that Ukrainian economy will hardly effectively develop without foreign investments. That is why Ukraine should create comfortable conditions for those who attract money from other countries. It is also important for the local business not to feel the pressure, which is still growing from year to year.

What can attract foreigners? “I may be wrong, but it is hardly possible to invest in Ukrainian business but for an agricultural one, – answered a banker of one of the London’s investment funds, looking through the English version of the Landlord magazine. – I’ve been planning to start partnership with an agricultural holding, which deals not only with production, but also with export of agricultural products”. The theme of the previous English Landlord version was the rating of 35 richest Ukrainian agrarians. Believing that the rating created by our editorial staff will help to find a reliable partner, the banker took four magazines for himself and a few friends who have similar interest in Ukrainian market.

IMG_4397The level of attention to the agricultural business in our country was demonstrated not only by the rate at which foreign participants of the summit opened the envelopes with Landlord magazines, but also by the number of people in the hall during the last section of the second day of the conference. Its theme – “Effective mobilization and targeted use of investments will strengthen Ukraine’s position as an important player in the world agricultural market.” Leonid Kozachenko, the President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation moderated the discussion. The speakers were “Mriya Agro Holding” CEO Simon Cherniavskiy, AgroGeneration Company President John Shmorhun, Deputy Head of “Svarog West Group” holding company Inna Meteleva and the First Deputy General Director of the Company “Ukrainian Agrarian Investments” Peter Thomson. The hall was packed, despite the fact that the second day of the conference was complex and intense.

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