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Technologies of building elevators: choose the best!

Elevators in Ukraine grow up like mushrooms. The agrarians realized that in conditions of high prices for additional processing, grain storage and shipment at third-party elevators, risks of loss of quality in case of improper storage and even possible theft during transfer to storage, it is more profitable and more reliable to build their own elevator. Its construction is not cheap, but such investment pays off quickly and allows you not to worry about the future of the harvested crop.

It allows not to worry only if the optimal parameters of all elements of the grain elevator are chosen, the calculations are performed correctly, and the equipment corresponds to the loading and the structure of the stored grain.

As a result, properly selected equipment, construction technologies and of course, high quality of construction are the guarantee that the elevator will not break down and will pay off quickly, the grain will not be damaged, and acceptance and shipment will be carried out on time.

During the seminar-discussion “Building an elevator: how to choose the optimal (metal) silo” the representatives of three Ukrainian companies – authoritative experts in the field of design and construction of grain facilities – will address the audience. Speakers will talk about the main features of the best, in their view, technologies for the construction of elevators (in particular metal silos), discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the main construction technologies presented in Ukraine, discuss the selection methods and optimal solutions for equipment installation.

Participants in the seminar-discussion will receive answers to the main questions on the construction of elevators: how to start and with what to finish, what difficulties will be encountered, and how to avoid mistakes.

The second part of the seminar is a live discussion of speakers and all participants, answering the questions and discussion of live cases on already constructed objects.

In total the seminar will last 4.5 hours.

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