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Alcohol Goes Online (infographics)


Dmitry Lisitskiy, the Director General of the International Centre of Electronic Trading Allbiz

More than 52% of the total number of alcohol drinks orders in the international online marketplace Allbiz in January – October 2015 were accounted for vodka, sparkling wine and imported strong drinks. Through this resource the companies are developing their online business in Ukraine and reaching the markets of other countries.

Alcohol drinks together with food products are traditionally the best-selling goods categories on the Ukrainian Internet. In particular, they have been leading in the ratings of top online items on Allbiz over the past few months. It can be explained by the ongoing rise of the Internet as the sales platform, which is used by an increasing number of manufactures and distributors of alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic drinks were most actively bought in the first quarter of the year. They make more than 40% of all online orders.

The most popular alcoholic drinks which Ukrainian producers export online are vodka, brandy and beer. They accounted for 40% of the total number of the orders. While wine, strong drinks and sparkling wine are mostly imported.

The top online orders are the alcohol of Ukrainian manufactures and resellers from Russia, Poland, Turkey, the United States and Belarus. More than 60% of the online export orders total quantity was represented by the companies from these countries.

In terms of online import, Italy takes the lead of the top three countries which Ukrainian companies are procuring alcohol from. The second and the third positions are taken by Australia and Moldova respectively. These countries are famous for their wines which have already caught the fancy of Ukrainian consumers. The next ranks in order are taken by Russia and Brazil. These top five importers account for 75% of all items imported online.
The manufacturers from Kiev, Lvov, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk regions received the greatest number of export orders.

Alcohol imported online (The share of total amount of import alcoholic bevereges online orders on Allbiz in January – October 2015)

Category Share
Wines 36,9
Alcoholic bevereges 29,4
Sparkling wines 12
Ordinary wines 4,7
Beer 3,5
Brendy 1,9
Vodka 1,9
Liquors 1
Whisky 1
Absinth 1


Alcohol exported online (The share of total amount of export alcoholic bevereges online orders on Allbiz in January – October 2015.)

Category Share %
Vodka 26
Brendy 14
Beer 14
Whisky 11
Wines 9
Other 9
Sparkling wines 7
Low-alcohol beverages 4
Ordinary fruit wine 3
Wine base 3


However the ratio of online export and import of alcoholic beverages is incomparably higher in favor of the latter. Each export order received by a certain Ukrainian company accounts for 10 import orders sent from Ukraine.

The best selling types of alcohol online (The share of total amount of alcohol online orders on Allbiz in January – October 2015)

Category Share, %
Vodka varieties 24
Sparkling wines 15
Alcoholic bevereges 13
Grain whisky varieties 11
Wines 10
Alcoholic beer 10
Grape brendy 8
Liquors 5
Tequila varieties 2
Ordinary fruit wines 2
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