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Дивовижні хаскі перевозять вантажі в Гренландії. Найкраще фото 2018 року

Серед вічних льодів і величних айсбергів Гренландії можна побачити це диво природи: заполярні аборигени – справжні їздові собаки, хаскі. Спостерігати за їхнім життям – це привілеї ескімосів і видатних фотографів.

Ці знімки були визнані найкращими фото, опублікованими в National Geographic у 2018 р.

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Photo by @paulnicklen | Photographing for @natgeo for the past 18 years has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I have met so many friends, peers, colleagues, and editors who have become part of this powerful journey. A journey full of passion, commitment, and purpose. For me, if these images aren’t being used for conservation and global awareness, then there is no point in doing all of the work. I came into National Geographic as an underwater wildlife specialist but I wanted to tell stories in the magazine that never had barriers. I wanted to be able to shoot equally above and below the water. Working for National Geographic is like being in the NFL except there is only one team. If you get hurt, you are off the team. If you have a bad season, you could be off the team. They expect you to be your very best with each and every story you shoot for them. I spent most of my time shooting out of fear of failure and was always certain that each story was my last. The work is physically and psychologically exhausting. My fellow photographers are the very best in the world at what they do. So, when the @natgeo followers chose this image as the top image published in National Geographic in 2018, I was in disbelief. I still am. I also realize that it is a subjective process. Here are my favorite images from the series. To see more of my work please follow me on @paulnicklen. #muchworkahead #gratitude #photography#storytelling #adventure

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Пам’ятаємо, що обидва полюси Землі були підкорені на собачих упряжках.

Landlord раніше публікував фото, на якому стадо корів прямує у Месопотамії берегом річки Тигр, що катастрофічно пересихає.


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