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Meeting Place. In 2015 the world’s largest agricultural machinery exhibition Agritechnica represented 2900 companies from 52 countries

For the first time Agritechnica took place in Frankfurt in 1985. That year the German Agricultural Community (DLG), a constant organizer of the exhibition, was celebrating its 100th anniversary. 551 exponents were presented at Agritechnica 30 years ago. It was visited by 125 000 people. Since then, Agritechnica, which traditionally takes place every two years, has been constantly growing both in number of participants and area. The driving force behind its development was the reunification of Germany and the emergence of “Wider Europe”. The exhibition moved from Frankfurt to Hanover in 1995.

More than 2 900 exhibiting companies from 52 countries, 311 new agricultural machines, and more than 390 000 square meters occupied by exhibition, 23 halls, 450 000 visitors in seven days. These are just a few figures describing the 14th Agritechnica exhibition, which finished November 14, 2015 in Hanover.

In 2015 there were 1280 German companies representing their products on Agritechnica. Local producers were 44% of the exhibitors. The rest were the participants from other countries. Among them there were manufactures from Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, China, Austria, India and others. Ukraine was represented by 10 companies. They were the manufacturers of agricultural machinery, elevator equipment and solutions for precision farming.

Visitors could choose the equipment for soil cultivation, depending on the available budget, the type of soil, the size of the farm and current trends in agriculture. Improvements were presented in each group, whether it was a short-body disc harrow for shallow cultivation after harvesting, a cultivator as a universal tool for post-harvest soil treatment, or a plow with a soil layer turnover. In addition, soil cultivating machinery becomes much more equipped with GPS- and ISOBUS-systems. The best of them were awarded with silver medals by the Commission. They were the systems by Lemken, Väderstad and Johne Deere. It is noteworthy that a plow is still a widely used tool among farmers in Germany and Western Europe, while East European farmers are experimenting with no-till and strip-till soil cultivation technics.

The chemical protection of plants segment was one of the most technologically innovative on the Agritechnica event. For example, the technology co-developed by John Deere, BASF, KTBL agronomic databases and research institutions. This tool allows the farmers to consider the finest details of growing and crops protection technology.

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