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A fashionable investment. Good investment can be not only about a new business or a luxury real estate, but it can also be about exclusive clothes

A good suit has been considered to be the key outlay of money in every businessman`s wardrobe for a long time. European and American fashion has brought man`s jacket into mainstream. A modern businessman can wear it with suit pants or in the American manner – with a pair of jeans. It is also possible to wear it with shortened pants and informal shoes, that is with Italian touch.

Dolce vita!

The two-button fitted-cut jacket of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana brand is impossible to mix up with others: stylish peaked lapels have become an identification mark of Sicilian designers. Wearing the jackets with such lapels, a footballer Lionel Messi received his “Golden Ball” award, and Matthew McConaughey was posing for paparazzi on the red carpets of the most posh Hollywood gala-dinners. A snow-white shirt, a bow tie, trousers with satin side stripes and high-gloss exotic leather shoes are the best companions of the sumptuous Dolce & Gabbana jacket.

The French Connection

Balmain French designer Olivier Rousteing creates perfect jackets for go out occasions. His branded light wool one-button tuxedos with satin lapels will turn its owner into a real celebrity. Elegant in a French manner, this jacket has a Hollywood style, so it is especially suitable for cocktail parties and the celebration of New Year in a club or a restaurant. Wear it without a bow tie, with jeans and slippers or leather pants and boots in order to make your look casual. And when choosing Balmain, keep in mind the fact that French jackets are slightly shorter than similar European designs.

Italiano vero

Italian slim fit jackets are a real legend in the fashion world, as their design is perfectly verified by the masters, who have been working on them for some generations. The Etro Fashion House (by the way it is a family business too) each season presents to the lovers of “Made in Italy” two-button fitted-cut jackets, and certainly with a print. Jacquard pattern resembling camouflage makes this design an excellent choice for evening look. The Etro family is also very proud of the textiles they use. A good combination of wool, cotton and viscose make this at first glimpse light design, a decent element of winter wardrobe.

Florentine mosaic

A new designer of Florentine Gucci brand Alessandro Michele is well aware of the fact that it is the jacket that shows the good taste, the ambitions and the status of its owner. Therefore despite big changes in brand stylistics, the designer has made the jacket a key item of his collection. Fashion critics have been already discussing Michele`s bold decision to significantly shorten the sleeves of iconic Gucci fitted-cut jackets. It is recommended to wear the jacket without a tie, with light-colored pants, white shirt and trendy shoes as at the Milan Fashion Week show.

In the Center of Attention

Sometimes you can’t afford looking too simple and moderate. Just for such occasions casual jackets by a German designer Philipp Plein were created. The grey wool single-breasted jacket is decorated with the genuine crocodile leather patches for “wow-effect”. It is best to wear the jacket with a plain shirt or a trendy T-shirt.


Italians are real experts of delights and good suits. Light fabrics, soft forms and a perfect fit are the aspects the hereditary tailors of legendary Briconi brand are working at every year. Hence this Dress-Age jockey style jacket guaranties relaxed mood in any situation. It is recommended to wear with easy manners of a professional horse rider in the city or on vacation.

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