Written by: Оlga Druzheruchenko, Dariya Isakova


45 agricultural companies collectively control about 4,1 mln ha of agricultural land. Their total revenue exceeds $10,8 billion. We deliberately do not rank the companies by the size of the land bank, because this asset is not their property. Another thing is money gained by the companies. It is honest money obtained due to skilful use of the leased land. Our rating includes vertically integrated holdings whose business structure includes several interrelated divisions: from crop growing to the production of finished products and their sale. We have not included subsidiaries of multinational companies and processors in the rating (who do not produce the primary products themselves). We ranked the companies in terms of the revenue obtained in 2015. The data were taken from the companies’ reports or received in reply to our request. A number of companies did not provide the information due to the privacy policy or inability to show figures before their official publication in the end of spring. The revenue of such enterprises was evaluated by us based on the available data and comparative methods of revenue assessment. These companies are marked with an asterisk in the rating.

№ 1 Кernel

№ 2 Nibulon

№3 MHP

№4 UkrLandFarming

№5 ViOil

№6 Аstarta

№7 Allseeds Group

№8 Аgroprosperis

№9 T.B.Fruit

№10 Ukrprominvest-Agro

№11 Promethey

№12 Industrial milk company

№13 Аgromars

№14 Globino

№15 Аgrotrade

№16 Ukrainian agrarian investments

№17 Pologovskiy oil extraction plant

№18 UkrAgroCom & Hermes-Trading companies

№19 Аgrein

№20 Оliyar

№21 Svarog West Group

№22 Bessarabia-B

№23 Аgro-Oven

№24 Dniprooliya

№25 Ovostar Union

№26 АPK‑Invest

№27 AgroGeneration

№28 ТAS Agro

№29 Мriya agroholding

№30 Аpgk dneprovskaya

№31 Аgrospetsservis

№32 Pan Kurchak

№33 Rostok - Holding

№34 Vladimir-Volynskaya poultry

№35 Chistaya Kriniza

№36 Niva Pereyaslavschiny

№37 Danosha

№38 Trigon Agri

№39 HarvEast

№40 Grain Alliance (barishevskaya grain company)

№41 Vinnitskaya Agroindustrial group

№42 Agroliga

№43 Zelenaya Dolina

№44 Slobozhanskiy Agrocombinat

№45 KSG Agro

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