Those people who have made money in the agricultural sector are still hostages to stereotypes. In any case, such a situation is observed in Ukraine. However much it may sound offending, the unsophisticated public often takes the liberty to call them an unpleasant word “rednecks”. When it comes to owners of agricultural enterprises, most people imagine hard workers wearing checked shirts, with weathered faces and black soil under their nails.


None of the people on the list made by us complies with this image. Moreover, almost none of them have started their way to the big capital with farming. The participants of our ranking are investors who noticed the potential of the industry in due time and managed to properly formulate and implement the development and growth strategy in the market, which scarcely attracted other entrepreneurs. Why did we call those people agrarians? This is not a tribute to the habits and traditions. We use the concept of Agri in its broadest sense – by analogy with the way the sector is viewed by financiers. It is not only agriculture and animal breeding, but also processing, exporting, manufacturing of confectionery and dairy products, etc. In fairness, we would like to note that our ranking includes mainly the owners of large vertically integrated holdings, whose business chain presupposes the presence of all the elements – from producing commodities to exporting value‑added products.

Our ranking will surprise you. It will not feature some representatives on the usual lists of the richest Ukrainians. Instead, you will discover a lot of new names. Why did it happen so? When making our ranking, we took into account only agricultural assets of our heroes. Business interests of many of them are not limited to agriculture and the food industry. They own the banks, construction companies, gamble on the stock exchange, being the minority shareholders of large international corporations. We focused on the part of their capital provided by agribusiness. We also did not include private property of our participants into the total amount. If the company of our participant is public, we calculated its value considering capitalization and the exchange rates as of 10/12/2015. Then we calculated the participant’s capital through his stake in the company. When calculating the value of non‑public companies, we used the information on their sales and production volumes, revenues and debts. We estimated a company’s value, focusing on the current trading multiples presented by London and Warsaw Stock Exchanges. Not only citizens of Ukraine are listed in our ranking. For example, you will get acquainted with George Rohr, the owner of the American NCH Group of Investment Funds. One of the largest agricultural holdings Agroprosperis was built with his money in Ukraine. In total, our ranking includes six foreigners. We consider the part of their capital earned in the Ukrainian agribusiness.

The total capital of the richest landowners on the list is $5.5 billion. Is it much? Frankly speaking, it is hardly anything compared to the assets of agro‑industrial giants at a global scale. But it is quite enough to dismantle the stereotypes tainting the image.

№1 Yuri Kosyuk

№ 2 Andrey Verevsky

№3 Petro Poroshenko

№4 Aleksey Vadatursky

№5 Oleg Bakhmatyuk

№6 George Rohr

№ 7 Boris Kolesnikov

№ 8 Aleksandr Petrov

№ 9 Sergey and Alexander Buriak

№ 10 Victor Ivanchik and Valery Korotkov

№ 11 Eugene and Maryna Sigal

№ 12 Boris Belikov and Vitali Veresenko

№ 13 Taras Barschovsky

№ 14 Vsevolod Kozhemiako

№ 15 Stanislav Voitovich

№ 16 Tatiana Zasukha

№ 17 Yuri Lebedin

№18 Victor Ponomarchuk

№ 19 Alexander Mostipan

№ 20 Sergei Tarasov

№ 21 Alexander Kuzminsky

№ 22 Viktor Kupavtsev and Viktor Kiyanovsky

№ 23 Oleg Vasilyev and Larisa Ostapenko

№ 24 Fedor Shpig and Aleksandr Derkach

№ 25 Alexey Kovalenko and Alexandra Rud

№ 26 Vladimir Bartsos

№ 27 Joakim Helenius

№ 28 Peter Rud

№ 29 Alla Kovalenko

№ 30 Rafael Goroyan

№ 31 Sergey Kostyuchko

№ 32 Viktor Zavorotniy

№ 33 Viktor Veretennikov

№ 34 Miodrag Kosti

№ 35 Vitali Vinnitsky

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